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Shaktimaan Has Flown Back Onto Our TV Screens!


Shaktimaan, Our Old Friend

If you were born in the 90s, then I am sure that your Sundays were very memorable. As a child, I used to wait for the clock to strike 12 on Sundays. Shaktimaan would appear on television and take me to a world where evil forces were battered and defeated. Every day I celebrated the power of goodness with my favorite superhero.

Here is an amazing announcement for all the 90s kids. Shaktimaan is back, once again, on television and in a new avatar. He has come back again to save this world from the darkness of the modern-day.

Shaktimaan Returns In Style

From next Sunday you can watch Shaktimaan yet again. The show will be broadcasted on Star Plus and will be called Shaktimaan Revived. The famous model and actor Vin Rana will play the role of Shaktiman. It may sound surprising that a young boy will be playing the role of a superhero.  This is the twenty-first century, and with the modernization of our times, we have a brand new and very cute college student who will shoulder the responsibility of his studies and the problems of this society. Who can be a better option for this role than Vin as he has already played the part of Nakul in Mahabharata?

What will his new powers be?

The powers of this new Shaktimaan will be more technologically advanced. He will have an electric wand to keep away the enemies of this society. He will also have a bright red helicopter for his traveling purposes. Invisibility is very important in the chaotic twenty-first century. The new Shaktimaan will not be visible to everyone, and he will make his appearance known only to the person who is facing trouble.

Vin has been training for many days to become well versed in martial arts and boxing. Our new Shaktimaan’s strongest element will be Fire. Apart from that, he will possess all the forces of nature. Light energy has been attributed to making him invincible and the creator of energy. As the present society faces many psychological problems, Shaktimaan will now be armed with mind-reading capabilities. This new superhero will be our new friend, philosopher, and guide.

The story’s beginning will introduce us to a very studious and shy boy of twenty years named Ayush. We will see how he manages to transform from a clumsy college student to a handsome superhero. Ayush has to hide his identity even from his only best friend, Vivek. As we will make this fascinating journey with Ayush, we will see and learn a lot about modern life’s impending evils and hardships.

Come, Let’s Revisit Our Childhood

I am sure this new and revived Shaktimaan will give the kids of this generation a reason to eagerly wait for Sunday mornings. Let the light of Shaktimaan Revived light up the crevices of this modern wasteland and bring back some of the glories of yesteryears.



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