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A stressed teenager sitting against a wall
By Prixel Creative/ Shutterstock

This poem is about the mental agony a daughter goes through when she finds herself amidst a broken family.Ever since her childhood she has seen her parents brawl like animals.She has never known what a happy family is like.This is her tale ,her questions and her single wish.

By Prixel Creative/ Shutterstock

There are things she regrets

There are things culpable

whom should she ask

whom should she curse

for the riddling mystery of fate.

She hoped it’d be fine soon,

but convulsions get stronger.

Sometimes she let it go

assured,there is no remedy

but to mourn in silence.

She wonders,why don’t they just talk

she wonders,why don’t they just live.

Throwing their child into dark pit

It gets hard on her

to pick the suitable

to speak the unspoken.

All she needs is a merry life

just like others of her age.

She doesn’t want to referee between them

she asks,”Don’t I deserve a worthy story”?


About the author

Hi folks
I'm doing ma graduation in english literature.I belong to kerala basically.
Writing has been my passion since my childhood.There are certain things which can't be orally communicated.But such expressions n emotions can be penned out.I believe writers can change the world

"pen is mightier than the sword"



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