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12 Signs of a Married Man in Love with Another Woman

signs of a married man in love with another woman

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What are the signs of a married man in love with another woman? Marriage is all about trust, compatibility, respect, gratitude, care, and love. Each of these elements is just as important to lead a happy married life. Even if one of these is not there, then there are chances that your marriage is going downhill.

After all the promises and the sacrifices, if your man has changed his behavior lately, you need to reflect on it. When respect and care become minimal, there might be a slight probability that your man might be falling in love with another woman.

The notion of “forever” cannot and shouldn’t be taken too seriously nowadays. Your very prince charming might be charmed by someone else after a couple of years. But how do you uncover the truth? When should you confront him? Accusing your husband of no real reason could ignite new problems in your marriage, and definitely, no one wants that.

12 Signs of a Married Man in Love with Another Woman

You need to pay attention to sure signs before questioning him about his behavior. If you think your husband is most loyal, maybe you should take that belief off your mind and come in terms with reality. Here are a few typical signs you need to keep an eye on if you notice a change in his behavior.

1. No more asking “How was your day?” during dinner

We all know that dinner is the only time to have real conversations with family. You return from work, prepare his favorite dish, and eagerly wait for him to tell him about your day. But out of the blue, he doesn’t seem to be interested in your talks or kids. He doesn’t tell you how good the food is anymore.

When he distances himself and involves less in family conversations, you need to keep tabs on his sudden change in behavior. He might be thinking about ‘her’ or waiting to text ‘her’ soon after dinner. It may be a warning signs of a married man in love with another woman.

2. He fights with you to meet ‘the other woman’ can be one of the signs of an extramarital affair

Good fights are alright with your partner. In a manner, it does keep the spark alive. But, if you both are fighting for insignificant things, then there is something. If he is continually picking up fights with you and leaving home saying he just cannot stand you, then you need to monitor such behavior.

Arguments are a way to meet the “other woman,” and the word “sorry” doesn’t seem to exist at all after a point. You no longer resolve the issue as a “team.” It becomes one-sided, and he might pretend he’s annoyed for straight two or three days. When a married man falls in love with another woman, this may happen.

3. Gatherings are no more exciting like before is the signs of a married man in love with another woman

Distancing himself from family meet-ups can be a clear cut sign that your man is in love with another woman. After a lot of contemplation, if he agrees to attend the gathering on the weekend, then you should rethink for a moment.

Why would your man reason out on going to “work” when all these years he did was spend time with you during the weekends? The routine sure can’t change in a flash. Even if he agrees to come with you, he may not be fully involved because probably he’s living in his fantasy world thinking about ‘her.’ It’s another warning signs of a married man in love with another woman.

4. Our Anniversary today? Sorry Honey, it slipped my mind

All these years, you’ve been celebrating your anniversaries by showering gifts and endless love, but this year, he seems not to be bothered or perhaps forget about it. Even if he does, you may not see him put in the best of his efforts to surprise you like before.

He might give plenty of reasons for how it slipped his mind. His typical reason? Work. Most of the men think if they use ‘work’ as their alibi, everything is sorted. Don’t fall prey to such excuses thinking he is extremely busy at the work-front. It’s a warning signs of a married man in love with another woman sometimes.

5. He doesn’t text “I’ll be home in an hour” anymore

Texting your spouse right before leaving the cabin is a ritual among married couples. It’s all these little things that ultimately lead to a happy married life. However, if your husband doesn’t bother to text you and comes home really late than usual, he might be hanging out with her at a cafe after work. You never know. If he’s frequently coming back late without informing you or texting that he’ll be late, you need to keep a close watch on it.

6. No more cuddles or hugs 

If he’s no longer excited to get cozy or cuddle with you, then you need to understand that he’s fallen out of love with you. That’s the bitter truth. When a married man doesn’t cuddle or doesn’t give a mere peck on the cheeks to his wife, it’s a wake-up call for sure. A minimum level of intimacy should be there even after years of marriage. When it’s not, that means your wedding is going downhill. You need to figure out as soon as possible before the breaking news.

 7. He wants you to have an hour-glass figure

If he has been telling you to get back in shape, then you should know that he’s not concerned about your health but your looks. We women go through drastic body changes after a certain age, and if your man doesn’t get that, it’s a signal that he’s seeing someone else. An hour-glass figure after two kids?

Not at all. Well, at least not everyone can get back to their standard shape. Ladies do not listen to his crappy talks or feel depressed. If he continues to tell you to change your dressing style or be in a better way, you need to get your feet on the floor.

8. A spike in the credit card bills

If you notice a sudden surge in his credit card bills even when you haven’t been shopping for a long time, then there is someone else doing that job. Maybe he’s been buying her expensive gifts or taking her to malls for actual shopping rather than window shopping. When you question him, if he finds it hard to give you a valid reason, it’s evident that he is in love with another woman. He no longer is excited to take you on dinner dates or office parties.

9. No deep conversations anymore

Before getting married, the conversations are all about getting married, and after that, it’s all about planning for the future and making significant decisions. After a point, if the conversation becomes one-sided or if there is no “we” in the discussions, it is a sign that he’s in love with another woman. Your 3 a.m. partner may no longer share his future vision with you or even include you. It can be devastating, but it’s up to you to save your marriage or move on.

10. He doesn’t respect you anymore

When a married man falls in love with another woman, there can be another warning sign. If he no longer shows gratitude towards the everyday things you do, then you need to confront him. If he’s taking you for granted, not helping you out, and doesn’t emotionally connect with you or comfort you anymore, then it’s a sign he’s into someone else. If there’s no respect in a relationship, there is no way it can go for a long time. Never plan to stay with someone when you’re not getting the respect you need. You may want to watch out for signs of a married man in love with another woman.

11. The hiding game is on point

He demands his alone time and is annoyed when you invade his privacy. You’re no longer allowed to click pics from his camera or touch his phone. He has set app locks for all the apps out of the blue. He might receive calls from a “guys number” who is his so-called-office-friend calling to ask him about the presentation. You might not even have a clue until you see it for real. He would have mastered the hiding game to a whole new level. That means he is in love with another woman.

12. You can notice subtle changes and feel the vibes

You would know your man’s quirks, flaws, and the cute little things that he usually does. You would know his breath and his smell, after all, you both have been together for years. When these things change say his scent changes once he’s back home, or he doesn’t annoy you with his puppy face anymore, or if you don’t feel the tension building up in him like before, then his feelings towards you have changed which is a sure sign that he’s in love with another woman.

Even after knowing a person on a deeper level for years, it can be hard to discover what they are up to. If you think your man is the love of your life and can never do such a thing, you might be wrong there. Would you want to stay with someone who doesn’t value you anymore?

Keeping the spark alive is essential for a healthy relationship, and when you feel it’s fading away, pay attention to the signs mentioned above and make an appropriate decision. You don’t want your married man falls in love with another woman. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to keep the wedding ring or not. While these are at times warning signs of a married man in love with another woman, remember, it could be something else too. Communicating with your partner is important to sort out issues in marriage.

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