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Neural Network Image Processing – A New Reliable AI

Neural Network Image Processing

Neural Network Image Processing AI computers can recognize patterns better than us, or so it seems. Artificial neural networks have been getting extremely intelligent and things like Google AI have already begun to have big dreams. While these artificial intelligence systems are great, they initially had a lot of limitations when it came to recognizing hand drawings. Well, not anymore.

AI-Based Sketch Recognition


These neural network image processing AI-based systems have been excellent in terms of digital image recognition but always had the drawback of not being able to recognize hand drawings. Now, the problem has been eliminated by researchers from the Queen Mary University at London with the Sketch-a-net program. They have created a program that can identify sketches to the finest details and the researchers have proven that this program is more efficient than humans. Yes! we are officially going through times when technology is getting better than us. Here is to those times when you were shown a pattern and couldn’t identify it – if only you were a computer program!


Better Recognition Rate Than Humans


The software, Sketch-a-Net has been able to identify 74.5% of drawings provided compared to the human recognition rate of 73.1%. This software might be very useful in online shopping and can be used in scenarios where customers can use drawings to search for products and the system will find out the products that the customers are looking for.

How else do you think would we be able to use this neural network image processing? Let us know.

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