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Small Teacher, Big Teaching!

Teaching to smile
Smile to make smile!

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One, who enjoys the journey, enjoys life! 

For a traveler, journeys are more interesting than the destination.  My recent trip to Tarkarli, Maharashtra, gave me an amazing journey with many lessons that I will remember for a lifetime!!

Train journeys are always my favorite, but this trip taught me a new lesson; a lesson to always be happya lesson to smile without reason, and a lesson to make others happy!! And this was taught to me by that little girl who unknowingly made all of us her admirers!!

Shanaya, a small, hardly 3 or 4 years old girl, accompanied us halfway towards our destination but left a lifelong impression in our lives.

“Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends!” – Robert Bishop

Truly, her innocence adorned her! She not only attracted us but also gained the attention of everyone around us. She took us away from this world to a new world where only happiness existed!

Innocence at its best

My friends and I were on our way to Tarkarli by train and Shanaya was the kid we offered our seat as her family did not have a reservation. Initially, she only looked out of the window and enjoyed the chocolate in her hand. Watching through the farms and super excited for water puddles, Shanaya started getting comfortable with us as time passed by. For every water body that passed, she yelled out, “Paani, paani!!”(“water, water!!”) And we all enjoyed her innocence. At every call of hers, we would laugh out loud, and she would get so encouraged.

Naughty girl!!
Funfilled Shanaya

Fair complexion, wearing a pink-colored, soft, furry sweater along with a cute pink-colored hairband, Shanaya was too adorable to resist, and every one of us loved her cuteness and innocence. The way she easily mingled with us made me think of how we grown-ups take time to adjust to new surroundings with new people!

She played a lot with each one of us and also taught us how difficult parenting is!! 😛 She smiled and laughed for no specific reason, teaching us how to be happy and spread happiness without a selfish desire! Her giggles compelled us to laugh!! Her small eyes twinkled at each one of us as if she wanted to spread positivity around. She played with each of us without differentiating anyone….which taught us to be together and get rid of discrimination!

A warm, effervescent personality, she taught me to be more like her.

Smile to make me smile!

Her company was discontinued after her family got down early. The moment she left, we started missing all the fun!! Kids are always a great company to be in... But Shanaya was much more than just good company for me; she was a person who gave me a new way to live!!

Kids are always the best teachers.

Any of us can never forget Shanaya’s obsession with water, and We will always cherish this cute little doll in our memories!!! And her teachings… My friends and I will put them into practice!!

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