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Solitude: The Magical Ingredient We All Miss

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Why are we so embarrassed of silence? What pleasure do we find in all that chaos?

Solitude is the blank time you necessarily need to spend, every once in a while, to restart life from a fresher edge.  It just gives the space to the soul to reflect and understand everything that’s been going around in your life.


More importantly, I called it a blank space, because we get to choose what colors to paint the life ahead of us when we’re in solitude, we get a chance to restart. It is the necessary escape from all the chaos the outer world has to offer and every person should indulge in it often.

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To recognize and befriend your inner self is more important than making new friends outside. Until and unless you understand and love your own soul, how can you expect the rest to be able to recognize and love you the way you deserve to be loved?  You need to spend more time reading yourself, to find solutions to all those confusing moments when you just can’t understand why you’ve been feeling the way you are, you need time to reflect.

People don’t always make sense, neither does staying in their company 24/7. Choosing quality over quantity is rather important and finding people who can share silence with you, without feeling awkward are so vital.

Solitude doesn’t refer to completely cutting off social interactions and relations. Although it might help if you’re in your own confidence while you decide to have a little talk with yourself, it isn’t a compulsion.

There are people who can sometimes read us better than we can read ourselves and their advises are always accurate and life-saving. Stay away from the world, go somewhere with them (just them) and talk about everything right and wrong in your lives. Let them come in and see those wounds, let them soothe you.

Solitude gives a chance and place to grow the trust; trust on yourself, trust on someone you take as your essential solitude partner, trust on the life-happenings, trust on trust. Not every time people’s advises come as useful.

When you’re in a stage where you ought to take that life-changing decision and people around you are constantly giving their opinions and trying to superimpose them, all you need is an honest talk with yourself.

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You need to understand that it’s your life and ultimately the people so ardently giving you all the suggestions won’t have to walk down that path themselves. You should be the one taking your own suggestions, in the end, since you’re the only one accountable to it all. And what better than a peaceful time spent in silence, reflecting your life on your own and finding answers to those problems without chaos.


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