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7 Songs You Must Listen To Before You Die

Led Zeppelin
By Bruce Alan Bennett/ Shutterstock

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Music has always been evolving, from the African blues to rock n’roll to hard rock to metal. But there are still a few songs stuck in our hearts, regardless of the time and evolution factor. These songs must not be missed out and are must-listen categorized songs for every music lover in this world. Whether they are released in the 60s or have been released recently, these songs have proved that their satisfying power is everlasting.

I am going to mention 7 of these songs, check the list and make sure that you don’t miss out on any one of them:-

The song hit the charts in the 70s and created a revolution for rock n’ roll music. It is regarded as the best song in the history of rock n’ roll music. The soothing fingerpicking guitar parts and the solo has been ranked as the best guitar solo by almost every recognized magazine. And the lyrics and voice of Robert Plant take you to another world.

By Bruce Alan Bennett/ Shutterstock

Pink Floyd has given us many great songs over the years. It has got a more alienated spirit and sound because of its reverb timings and composition. Oh! Not to forget David Gilmour’s guitar solo and this song was also featured in the film “THE DEPARTED

This AC/DC’s classic track stole the hearts of music lovers around the world. The song is very catchy, and you will fall in love with the song. This is one of the songs that I believe defines the sound of the British rock band “AC/DC”.

This is the song from one of the greatest albums of all time, “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”. It was released when POP music started to dominate the music industry.

AXL ROSE, the frontman of GNR, wrote it for his girlfriend. You can hear this song being covered in your city cafes/clubs.

By Photography Stock Ruiz/ Shutterstock


I remember this song being played in an inter-school rock band competition in which our school participated. The song, to me, is truly killer. The energy is fantastic and gives me goosebumps. I used to listen to it all day. And this song is further spiced by its unique song structure and the voice of great vocalist MYLES KENNEDY.


Eagles have been one of the hugest bands ever. This song’s melody is very different and unique, and you can not connect it to any other song in the farthest way. If one song had to be sent to space, then I guess this will be the song that would be selected.

By Blueee77/ Shutterstock

Master of puppets is a thrash metal song, and it is the title track of Metallica’s biggest selling album, “Master of Puppets”. At least metal fanatics should not miss this one. The thrashing riffs and the grooves are extraordinary.


If you are a music enthusiast, make sure you check out all these songs.

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