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Speaking to Yourself: Its not always crazy!


“He will hit a six.”
No! He won’t.
“He will surely hit a six.”
There was a huge conflict going on between me and myself. Yuvi was on the crease against Stuart broad. All eyes were on him …
Yippie! Six
Marvelous! Six again
And he hit six sixes.
It was an epic game.
Surprised ya! I said myself.
How can you fight with yourself?
And how can you decide who will win?

The Fun. I think there’s great fun in speaking with yourselves, as you only face the tension in your mind and not with anyone else. There is no other person whom you have to care for! Also, the joy and suspense are amazing.

Introspection or whatever they call it! If we do not think or talk to ourselves in our minds, then the thriller movie might be of no use. You will not be scared. You might even not feel pain. (talking about interior pain. not one associated with cracked bones)
This is the truth.
As our mind is programmed to predict what is good for us and what is not. In short, it is programmed to predict the future.
It might not be correct every time, but there is some hope of being right.

Turning Smarter. It has been proven by various organizations and psychiatrists that “speaking in mind” or getting to know what we are doing saves lots of time. And also make us smarter. (do some research, why smart or how?)

You get your options. But right or wrong?
Wait a minute.
We are not God.
So we cannot judge everything correctly every time; as I told you before, chances are high just based on probability.
It just opens all the aspects. It expands all the permutations or all the ways in a unique order.

The fight between ‘Satan’ and ‘Angel.’
Sometimes these conversations with our minds lead us nowhere but confusion.
And we are forced to reach inside a chakrvyuh which is even impossible for Arjuna to crack.

Let us understand with an example.
Suppose there are two ice cream shops.

Shop A: with so many flavors
Shop B: with limited flavors
Which would you prefer?

I think most of the people will go with shop A as everybody wants to get more options.
Am I right.
Yup! But if you are also the one who prefers shop A, then my dear, you are trapped in the mind game.
As you will get confused about what ice cream to take as you don’t want to waste your money on a new flavor that tastes like shit! Do you?
Surely not!
But on the other hand, if you had chosen shop B, you are a brilliant thinker as it’s simpler for you to decide what to take, and you don’t face the risk of wasting your money.

At last, I wanna say that
Mind is a brilliant gift.
Utilize it; ask as many questions as you want.
You will get an answer every time.

Suggestions and comments are most welcome.
Nikhil Attri


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