Sponsored Post: Beware of Fraud Clients Like Forhad Mollah

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Written by Soubhik Chakrabarti, detailing an experience he had with a fraud client from Bangladesh.
So guys, I do not do this normally but need your help reporting against a fraud client.
He is basically a middle man with ZERO knowledge about how things work. He doesn’t ask clients what they need, and then the client keeps on giving more instructions to which he wants me to edit repeatedly.
Assumedly, at least according to what he says, that’s what happened in one project which meant him not getting paid.
Great, I said, don’t pay me for that one then.
He refuses to pay for any past project that was done and accepted, and as you can see below, tells me to do “what I can”.
That’s over $200 – around $300 I guess.
Here is his LinkedIn profile. Please report him guys.
If you can find him on other platforms, please let me know at soubhik92@gmail.com
Here is the part of the conversation where he flatly states he would not make any payment, even for previous approved work.
I am contacting all of his previous clients too – anything more you think I can do?
Sponsored Post: Beware of Fraud Clients Like Forhad Mollah 1
Name : Forhad Mollah
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