Steps To Find The Best SEO Agency

Steps To Find The Best SEO Agency 1
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Are you looking for the best SEO agency for your business? Below are the steps you need to take to find the agency that is right for you.

Steps To Find The Best SEO Agency 2

Make a list

It can be tempting to just hire the first agency that pops out from your Google search. But that’s not how to pick the best seo agency in Singapore. Being on the top spot of search engines doesn’t necessarily mean being the best.

A better way to find the right agency for your business is to create a list first. Your list should contain a collection of all the SEO agencies that you are considering to hire. You can either search for a pre-made seed list online or make your own.

You can find pre-made lists online by using “best SEO agency” or similar keywords in Google. To make your own list, just list down the SEO agencies that have come up from your research, whether through online or offline means. Keep your list short to make the selection process less daunting.

As you go through the process below, you can further shorten your list. If you’re from Singapore, then one of the SEO agencies that you should consider including in your list is First Page Digital, which is the fastest-growing agency in Singapore. Get in touch with the agency today to get a free audit of your business.

Check the agencies’ websites

Any self-respecting SEO agency will have a nice-looking website. So it’s perfectly fine to judge these companies by checking on their websites. The first page that you need to check out is the homepage, of course. This is an important page because supposedly, it should showcase the best features of the agency at a glance. The next page that you need to check out is the About Us page.

This is where you will get to know more about the agencies. Then you need to head on to the Testimonials page to get an idea of what past clients think of the agencies. Last but not the least, you should check out the Blog page. This will tell you how an agency handles blogging. When you see an agency that doesn’t meet your criteria, you can take them out from your list.

Get in touch with the agencies

At this point, your list should already be significantly shorter than when you started. You can start getting in touch with the agencies on your list. There are two ways you can do this. You can either send the agencies an email or make a call.

If you choose to send an email then you can make a detailed list of questions for the agency. The problem is, you’re not sure when the agencies will send a reply. If you want an immediate response, then you should call instead.

Visit the agency

At this point, you should just have one or two on your list of the best SEO agency. And if you have a few names on your list already, then now you can visit the agencies. You should be ready with your questions before your visit. It’s your opportunity to get to know the agencies better and to ask them what they can do for your business.

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