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Stoop For Truth


This poem is a direct inspiration from the field of toiling farmers, who give their best to bless people’s home with food but remain obscured in the society. The society in question is that of the rich, who show no respect or sympathy for these poor people willing to give their time, energy, sweat and even life to bless the world with the fuel of life (food). It’s so saddening that subjects and topics regarding the poor are not discussed anymore. However, we as the world’s people should know that all fingers are not equal, there are big, and there are small, and the big should complement the small and the small vice versa.

There is a path; no one wants to talk about it
No one wants to glance at it twice
Not even one person to say, rest awhile
Or do your best today and leave the rest for tomorrow
Everyone seems so busy with life
And forget their neighbour
Forget their partner in this journey
Life now shifted to personal struggle
If you are strong, you survive
If you are wise, you win
If you are happy, you have peace
If you are rich, you reach your home
If you are poor, you remain a prey
If you can cheat, you remain a chief in wealth
Go back to the origin
Is life meant to be like this?

Folks have given life a new meaning
Go for wealth and forget your health
Go for the rest and forget your best
Never be content
Kill to pay your bill
Cheat to cut your time
Fight to clean your fault

Are all fingers the same?
Are you not someone’s creation?
Who bewitched you to see yourself as a boss?
You now carry a stony heart
And think everybody will be like you
The good still live
Though the bad out-numbered them
The good still believe in hope
They still believe in modesty
They prefer to toil and eat
Than to robe and merry.
Life can never be a game as you think
It is truly one need to play his part
But not to the other detriment

Shakespeare was emphatic
The good that men do stay with them
The bad that men do stay with them.
Ask Iscariot why the suicide?
You eat your cake; you eat it
You keep your cake; you keep it
Both cannot be yours
You plot to kill; they plan your death too
You plan to kidnap, and you start to lose some
You plot to revenge; another desire your life
The Duchess dies, the trio conspirators die too
Life is fair

Truth be told
Earthly are your vain pursuit
The great scholars of our time are dead witnesses
If Thomas Lidnayte can speak now,
He will tell you to be content
If Galileo can talk now,
He will tell you not to repeat history
These men are great Oxford scholars
But became flat in poverty.
Do You want beauty?
Death will equalize you with the ugly
Do You want power?
Go read about Cardinal Wolsey
Do You want pleasure?
Get ready to submit your plea to a doctor
Do You want wealth?
King Midas knows the end of it.

Learn and live
Only those that hate you will waste you,
Your time, your opportunity, your idea
Life is not by luck
You reap only your toil
Sit, seek and search
For what is needful
No class, no cast
By choice, everyone wants to be rich
In reality, all finger have no semblance.

About the author

He is a Post Graduate Student of The American College.He is interested in writing especially poetry.



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