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The Story behind Mirage

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Once upon a time,

there was heavy rain in a desert in a faraway land.

With thunders and lightning, it rained for days

And a river appeared in the land of sands.

The desert was amazed to see water running through him.

For she was so deep, cold, and different than usual.

Not like the scorching Sun, which made the temperature soaring up to extremes,

Not like the storms and wind, blowing away his sand to faraway lands,

Not even like the cactus that grew upon him,

Challenging the extremities that mother earth had imposed on his habitat.

This river was different from what the desert had experienced since its existence.

She made sounds–desert had never heard before,

She gave him sensations– the tickles and goosebumps that he had never felt.

So, the desert started thinking about this miracle of the river.

A mysterious thing that came into existence in his life out of nowhere.

Slowly and gradually, she drew the desert to her.

He fell in love with the ridges she made on his sand,

The calmness and transparency of the river,

Crystal clear, so pure, so serene.

Awestruck he would be to see something so mysterious that had come along his way

How could this happen? He would wonder

How could something so beautiful come along his way?

“Maybe miracles do exist,” he thought and believed in it.


The days passed–as time waits for none,

Though desert was sure about his feeling, he never knew how the river felt.

Maybe it reciprocated the feelings; maybe they were not.

The desert never asked for he had been afraid of what things might turn out if she knew.

He would die a little every day,

Thinking, “what if she did not reciprocate the feelings”?


The days passed by, and the weather changed

The scorching sun was back again,

And rivers] had to die and form clouds slowly.

Thinner and thinner she got over time.

Then one day, the river dried away.

And she left the desert only with the ridges the river made on it.

Then he realized he should have said it,

Because of the short span of love it had, it ended without his confession.


He never heard her story.

Maybe she loved him, and maybe she didn’t.

To date, the desert remembers his love

Because making memories is easy,

But forgetting takes a toil.

There still are footprints around,

Undoing what you felt is heart-wrenching

The desert still remembers his love,

The way water had cooled his molecules in a way so different than he ever felt.


So, still to this date

the desert carries that love for the river.

And if one cares to see how love for a river has changed the desert’s life

Deep inside the faraway land,

One can see the reflection of the river

A mirage in the land of sands

Reflection of his long lost love

which rose his heartbeat for the first time in life

and Now was a memory– Gone Forever.

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