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11 Effective Storytelling Presentation Ideas For You


Looking for some influential storytelling presentation ideas? If yes, this article is meant for you and will guide you through the process.

The old practice of storytelling has never worn out. From TED talks to office presentations, storytelling influences people’s decisions way more than a normal conversation does.

Wondering what the reason behind it is? Well, it is the same reason that once made you believe in supernatural powers, princes, and imaginary dreamlands. Stories have always grabbed our attention from start to end and changed our beliefs to a great extent.

This is exactly why many people love to explore storytelling presentation ideas that can help them connect to their audiences.

11 Effective Storytelling Presentation Ideas That You Will Love

1. Engage Your Audience Through a Captivating Story

An engaging story is one that will be remembered by your audience for a long time. It may be in the form of your personal experiences, something that you are inspired from, or any other story that is relatable.

You may take the help of slides and visually attractive images to create an impact and a better picture of what you are trying to express. Your presentation should be as short as possible but do remember to keep it effective by providing necessary details that allow your audience to live your world.

2. Add Suspense to Your Story

A story needs to have a good plot and the right amount of suspense to keep your audience intrigued throughout. Adding suspense makes them question throughout what is going to happen next.

You can use numerous elements to elevate the level of the suspense of your story. One of the ways is to build up the suspense up to the conclusion slowly. The other is to surprise the audience in the middle of the story and reveal how it happened by taking them back into the past.

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3. Share a Personal Experience

This is one of the storytelling presentation ideas adopted by most of the speakers when giving a presentation. Sharing a personal story does not necessarily have to be your personal experience. It could be an inspirational story of a celebrity that you can relate to or a heart-touching real-life story of someone winning amidst extreme adversities.

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The motive is to share your views through a gripping story. Remember that the story should not appear forced, or it may have the opposite effect on your presentation by disconnecting your audience and confusing them about where you are going to leading them.

4. Let Your Audience Live The Story

Instead of narrating a story to the audience, try transporting them to an imaginary world created by you. Merely speaking and ordinarily sharing your facts does not have a lasting impact on the audience.

If you wish to create a mark, you need to move beyond the normal verbal mode of communication. For example, using conversations to set up a scene would make your description of a thing far more interesting. Also, adding pictures to it will be visually appealing, and it will help you convey your thoughts in a better and interesting way.

5. Make the Characters Alive

Characters are the most important element of a good story. The stories of the characters make the audience happy, emotional, or sad; sometimes, all of them in one moment.

The most loved visual stories are those that create such strong characters with whom the audience can relate and which are unique in some way at the same time. To accomplish it, you should try to provide sufficient details of the characters so that it is easy for the audience to paint their picture in mind.

The amount of details required completely depends on the story. Sometimes, details like physical appearance and hobbies are enough, whereas many times, it is necessary to provide the audience with the characters’ minutest details. This is an essential idea among all the storytelling techniques.

6. Create ‘The Moment.’

In any PowerPoint presentation, there is that one moment that the audience remembers without fail for weeks. The moment can be significant in the form of something dramatic, a bunch of real statistics, or anything creative you can come up with.

This is one of the storytelling presentation ideas that speakers at TED talk make sure to use. For example, in his 2009 TED talk about wiping off malaria completely, Bill Gates provided the audience with shocking statistics to prove the seriousness of the situation.

He then released a lot of mosquitoes by opening up a jar and then adding that there was no reason only poor people should have the experience.

7. Layer Up Your Central Story With Loops

This is the most creative idea among all storytelling presentation ideas that one can think of. It is also known as the structure of ‘nested loops.’ The aim is to weave a layer of stories around your main idea.

The main story engages the audience, is always at the center, and the other stories are built around it, explaining the main idea. Layering up stories is more like one of your friends narrating an incident to you where you first get to know your friend’s side of the story and then the main part. So, the first loop would be your friend’s story, and the other loop would be the idea your friend wants to convey.

Out of all the storytelling presentation ideas, this technique is very effective and interests people.

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8. Surprise The Audience With a Wrong Start

A wrong start here refers to giving a predictable story and letting the audience fall for it. Continuing with it for some time, you dispose it off and begin it again. This might sound insane, yet it works.

It works as a way to lure your audience into believing they know it all and then changing the game all of a sudden. This is one of the storytelling presentation ideas that is just apt for sharing how you got through adversity or learned from experiences.

Giving a false start and turning it around also showcases the advantages of approaching things flexibly.

9. Connect With Your Audience

Instead of just sharing your ideas and making it a one-way presentation, you could just interact with the audience and know about their perspective of things and their likes and dislikes.

Among the storytelling presentation ideas, this one will help you connect to your audience and help you decide on how to take your ideas forward and convince the audience of the same.

Even if your views differ from those of the audience, you can try and know what experiences led them to believe in the ideas they have built. You can then share your personal experiences and then support your ideas with facts and figures.

10. The Audience is The King

This, out of all the storytelling presentation ideas, is something you need to remember the entire time you are presenting something to an audience. You are the mentor or the guide, but it is the audience that is the hero.

You have to make the audience present feel that they are important, and their views matter the most. This is possible only when they can sync with the storyteller and live your experiences. You need to connect with them on an emotional level too.

11. The End is As Important As The Beginning

People who have attended several talks understand the importance of the end of a talk or a presentation. It is one of the storytelling presentation ideas that could decide how productive or intriguing your presentation was.

The most impactful talks are the ones that not only have a climax but end on a positive note. If there is something for the audience to take away, like a piece of advice or something hopeful, there is nothing better than that.

These 11 storytelling presentation ideas will not only help you engage with your audience or become a better speaker. A perfect presentation involves a good structure too, which helps in organizing your presentation effectively. Choosing the right stories to convey your thoughts is the most important part of many business presentations as it has proven to be very effective.

Using stories as a medium to communicate is not as easy as it sounds. You need to make sure that the audience can relate to your story and create visual imagery of it in their minds. You can try practicing it with your friends or relatives beforehand so that it gives you a clear view of where you are heading with your ideas.

Only include a story and adopt your ideas once you get comfortable with them. Otherwise, it may have a different outcome or an opposite impact on the audience.

As you practice these most used storytelling presentation ideas, you will find your comfort zone and ace many of the techniques that will help you present your views in the best way.




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