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Strange Addictions


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We all have our tiny addictions, irrespective of whether you own up to it or not. It might be something as mundane as checking your phone every 3 minutes to peeking in every mirror or reflective surface you find. It might be something more serious like addiction to liquor. But surely it isn’t anything as extreme as the list we’re about to present you with. TLC features a show called “Strange Addictions” which features people with unhealthy addictions and documents them for the public. Here are a few of the worst:

  1. Eating Drywall

26-year-old Nicole (last name withheld for all candidates) is not someone you might want to let into your house, as she is addicted to peeling and eating drywall. In fact, her addiction is so progressively worse that she pulls out large chunks from her house and leaves gaping holes which can be up to three feet wide.

2. Eating Couch Cushions

Adele is a lover of what lies on the couch – the soft cushion inside, so much so that she regularly consumes it. She zips them opens the cushion out by the handful – which she enjoys as a ‘snack’. This has been going on for 20 years and she is still alive.

3. Nail Polish Addict

Sure, a lot of girls like to paint their nails. But there’s one place nail enamel doesn’t belong and it’s in your stomach! 23-year-old Berta has nail polish as her staple drink – just like water or cold drinks. She has stated her addiction is difficult to maintain as she takes around five bottles a day. She also said that she particularly likes the flavor of the color ‘blue.’

4. Baby Powder

Jaye, a 28-year-old is just like any other except that she likes to snort white powder – and no, it’s not what you’re thinking but rather baby powder. She does it up to ten times a day and in the past 12 years has been through 1800pounds.

5. Dolls

Thankfully, the last person on our list doesn’t eat dolls. But his addictions is equally worse, if not psychotic. Davecat (That’s what he said his name is) loves – no cancel that – is in love with a doll named Sidore. They act like a regular couple – they live together, go shopping together, eat out and watch movies in each other’s company except that Dave is a human and Sidore is, well, plastic. Dave even gives her foot massages and said she adores them.

Surely your addiction pales in comparison to these?

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