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One of the best phases of life is student life. Whether you’re a student or want to cherish those moments, we’ve got it all.

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Basics of Grouping

Group Formation Humans are social animals. They tend to meet new people

Aarushi By Aarushi

5 Types of people on Bus Road Trips.

We have all been on those annoyingly long bus rides as a

Sanaa Mehra By Sanaa Mehra

Love, Learn, Live, Grow!

George Evans states it in the most appropriate way anyone ever can:

Swathy Karthik By Swathy Karthik

The Side Effects Of MOBA

Image source: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), a genre started by

Aparajita Yadav By Aparajita Yadav

Girls’ College – 10 Reasons You Will Love It

I was in a co-educational school from the beginning of my student

richa bhartiya By richa bhartiya

College Hunt: 10 Things You Should Know During the Search

College is considered the best time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Anna Binoy By Anna Binoy

Loving a Girl: 11 Reasons Why a Teacher Thinks You’re an Ass

Couples and Teachers Here are why teachers dislike a relationship forming in

Vijay Bharadwaj By Vijay Bharadwaj

Engineering Students – Interesting Myths and Facts

You must have come across various myths in life: Girls want soft-spoken

kapil bhatt By kapil bhatt

Why College Life Is the Most Disgusting Life Ever

College Life, four friends, college students, and not a single day passed

sirisha manikonda By sirisha manikonda

11 Amazing Ways School Changes You

They say next to a family; school is the second home for

shriya By shriya

Math – 11 People Behind Our Hatred

Math is the key to understanding the phenomenon of science and nature,

Adarsh Verma By Adarsh Verma

8 Useful Tips for Drop-Year Kids

When I see people cry about Mondays, I get distressed because: I

Arshiya Chahal By Arshiya Chahal

Indian Education System : 6 Things That Should be Eradicated

Considering the increase in literacy rate in India from 12% in 1947

Icy Tales Editorial Board By Icy Tales Editorial Board

9 Things Movies Mislead Us About College

When you first enter college, you are exuding anxiousness and excitement. You'll

Namratha By Namratha