8 Annoying Questions You Face If You Are In A Long Term Relationship

8 Annoying Questions You Face If You Are In A Long Term Relationship 1

It has been a long time since you started dating. You both complete each other and are perfect together. You have shared moments of joy, glory, grief and distress. You both take care of each other. You know exactly what the other one is feeling and thinking, and you can communicate telepathically. You both are always there for each other and it seems like you are bound together for eternity. This is long term relationship for you.
long term relationship
But life is not a bed of roses. You have got to deal with the exhausting stuff: dumb and annoying questions about your relationship. Sigh!
long term relationship
Here are a few pointless questions that any couple in a long term relationship faces:
1. How did you and your lover get together?
It was raining, we both crossed each other and my dupatta clung to his shirt. I shyly unhooked it, we looked into each other’s eyes and it was love at first sight. Is this the answer such people expect? ‘Duh’rama! We ain’t here to narrate some epitome of romance.
2. How long do you plan to be together?
We are not in some official agreement which has a defined deadline and we certainly don’t plan our breakups. We will split if you stop being such an ‘ask’hole! Yup, looks like we are stuck together forever! *smirk*
3. Is she/he the one you are walking down the aisle with?
Yes! We are certainly tying the knot, and our kids will be named Chunnu and Munnu. We’ll have one boy and one girl. Everything is already planned. FYI, you will not be invited. Interested to know more? *frown*
long term relationship
4. Don’t you get bored of each other?
Why do you even give a shit about us? It’s not like we include you in all our dates. We have not discussed our love lives with you. BTW, we are interesting enough. Guess here’s the reason you are still single!
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5. You have been together for so long.  Are you sure he/she is not cheating on you?
Got trust issues? Shower it on your partner, bitch! For Christ’s sake, spare mine. I mean seriously, can’t you say something that is not as offending as you?
long term relationship
6. Haven’t seen you two together. Broke up?
Yes, we are in a relationship but we ain’t conjoined twins. We don’t follow each other everywhere. We have our own individuality. Not being seen together does not mean things aren’t working out. It just means we respect each other and like to have our own space.
long term relationship
7. What’s your base?
Whoa! Whoa! You jealous you’re not getting some action yourself? Why is this any of your concern? Why don’t you keep your nose in your own business? Oh! It just occurred to me you don’t have any!
long term relationship
8. Do your parents agree with your relationship?
We have not discussed it with them yet. But we’ll make sure we invite you on this special occasion. We believe you will definitely convince them. *eyes rolling*
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The best weapon to use against such people is sarcasm. But if they still won’t give up, walk away! Walk away in silence.
long term relationship

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