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Top 5 Articles Each Month Wins Big!

In a snippet:

  • The articles should be 2000 words and submitted by the last Saturday of every month.
  • We will be announcing the winners of the contest in a 30-days cycle.
  • The top 5 articles will be rewards where the winner will receive a cash prize of C$100 and others C$50 each. 

The articles should be written by following our guidelines mentioned below and should be unique.

There is no limit to the number of submissions. You can submit more articles adhering to our standards to increase your chances of winning the contest. 

Follow our detailed guidelines or contact us at for any queries. 

What does Icy Tales do?

At Icy Tales, we cover inspiring stories revolving around diverse health, fitness, fashion, business, personality, spirituality, and environment. We believe in sharing positive, inspiring, and insightful stories! 

With an audience reach of over 500,000 people a month, it’s your time to share your insights into the subjects your love and reach a larger reader base.


  • We pick 5 best entries, and the winner will receive C$100
  • The remaining 4 runner-ups will receive C$50 each. 
  • The best articles will be published on our website with author credits. 
  • The top 10 articles will have a chance to intern with us.

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Who can participate?

This contest is for everyone who loves to write and who wants to reach a larger audience.

What can you write on?

On our website, you can find the categories we publish articles on. You’re free to develop any topics, but please ensure not to write on already published topics. Once you’ve decided on the topic, go to our website, type the keyword on the search bar to see if it’s already published. 

If it’s not, go ahead and write your article.

You can also get your topic confirmed by our editors by emailing before getting started on your writing. 


Wordcount needed

There’s no maximum word limit, but all the articles should be a minimum of 2,000 words, and anything below that will be rejected straight away. Poems have no word limit.

Last Day for Submission

There is no last day for submission. We normally review articles submitted in the last month, for awards in the next 1-2 months. 

Email your articles to

Announcement of Results

We take about 30 days to review all the entires. 

If we don’t publish your articles in a month, you’re free to submit it elsewhere. 

Payment Methods

We will be sending cash rewards through Paypal or Bank Transfer. 

How to format your blog post?

Here’s is the basic format to keep in mind while writing your blog post:

  1. Title: Font Size: 14 
  2. Content: Font Size 12, Font style: Times New Roman
  3. Use sub-headings in your article: H2, H3, H4, so on.
  4. Add bullet points or numbers as needed.
  5. Please mention all the sources you’ve referred to while writing your blog post. Add all the sources in the ‘references’ section at the end. 
  6. Please include your name, designation (what you do currently) and link to any social media channel like Facebook or LinkedIn.
  7. The article should be well-structured, engaging and value-packed for the reader. 
  8. The blog posts should be free of grammatical errors. We recommend you use Grammarly or any other online spell checkers before the final submission. 
  9. Please ensure the articles are plagiarism-free. Plagiarised content will not be considered for the contest. Check your content here – or

Entry Eligibility

Please adhere to the guidelines mentioned below.

How do you Write?

  • Your article should be high-quality, well-researched, and engaging. 
  • Plagiarised articles will be rejected. All unoriginal blog posts will be rejected and excluded from participating in the contest.
  • Avoid including too much jargon in the content. We appreciate the use of simple words that’s easily digestible by the readers. 
  • Be direct and simple. We suggest using to check for complex sentences and excessive use of passive voice.

Sentence Construction

  • Let sentences flow naturally without any grammatical errors. 
  • Keep paragraphs short. No more than 4-5 lines in a para.
  • The article should be well-structured without leaving the reader on loose ends. Ambiguous or incorrect structuring of the report will lead to rejection. 
  • Don’t write, keeping in mind the word count or fill the article with irrelevant data to reach the word count. The article should genuinely solve the readers’ problem and should contain every detail making it comprehensive. 
  • The article should be to-the-point and topic-focused. Here are some good articles:

Exploring The Powerful History Of The Rosary

Character vs. Personality: Unlock the True Difference

12 Weird Italian Stereotypes You Should Know

Sources and Examples

  • Always add official sources and links to relevant stats and studies as needed. 
  • You can add infographics, tables, or charts to visually present your concept. Copyrighted content will be rejected. 
  • Always try to provide examples for better understanding. It gives a clear picture of what you’re trying to convey. 
  • Back your arguments to relevant and official sources. Hyperlink the sources. Ensure what you write is factually correct. Always include studies from the last one to two years and not an outdated one.  


  • All the articles should have sub-headings, bullet points, and numbers throughout the content. 
  •  If you’re writing a technical article, keep it simple. Do not add too many acronyms or technical jargon in the content. 
  • Every idea under a sub-head should be linked to the previous idea. Try to avoid inconsistencies in the flow of ideas. 


  • Writing incomplete sentences will lead to rejection. 
  • Research the topic well before writing. Go through forums, reputable sources, and plenty of articles online before penning down your take on the topic. 

Few pointers to note

  • By submitting your article to Icy Tales, you give us permission to publish the article, change the content, and distribute it as needed. 
  • If you’re not satisfied with the edits done to your article, you’re free to let us know, and we can remove your name from the article. 
  • We have all the rights to remove or edit backlinks. 
  • You can add your social media channels under the author profile and not links to your website. 
  • The publishing rights remain with us, and you are not allowed to publish your article elsewhere (this is if your article gets published within 30 days).

You can go through our in-depth guide on writing an article here. 

Contact Us Here

Icy Tales official email id:

How to Submit Content?

Along with the article, please write your full name and designation. You can also include links to your social media channel in the document, which we will publish. However, no links to websites are acceptable.

Email us the article to

How do We Decide a Winner?

We take a look at different factors, including – content quality, content engagement and shares (do share your articles with your friends and other social media platforms), as well as the logical flow of thought. We take a look at the sentence construction, whether you’ve been able to write originally, and the formatting (bullets and lists make your content read better).

  • Share content with your friends.
  • Write logically and keep it simple
  • Refer out to all major sources
  • Create a good content structure with bullets and lists.


What if my article isn’t published?

If you don’t hear from us after a month of submitting your article, it means you didn’t qualify. We try to respond to every entry, but we’re unable to respond to all due to the large volume of submissions. 

We announce the winners on our website and social media channels, so follow our content to stay updated. You can follow us on Facebook here and also on Instagram here. 

How do I reach out if I’ve won the contest?

We will be emailing you with the published link and also a certificate. You will be required to email us your bank details for us to process your cash prize. Payments will be made through Paypal or bank transfer. 


Internship Program for the Motivated You

Want to improve your writing skills so you can get more projects? Join our in-depth internship program.

  • Learn to use industry-standard SEO tools like Rankmath and SurferSEO
  • Learn proper image attribution
  • Learn how to format content for an online audience
  • SEO basics from meta description to Headings.
  • Learn how to research content
  • Writing according to instructions
  • Learn to write in simple, effective English.

A nominal stipend/honorarium is paid for your time. 

Apply with your existing samples to today!

Note: Interns who perform well are taken to our agency side. Should you write well, you can expect a payment of up to $5 CAD per 100 words!

Important Terms:

  • Writers submitting plagiarised articles will be disqualified, and the writer will be barred from participating in future contests after that.
  • Avoid writing on gambling, CBD and adult topics.
  • Should we publish your content on our site, you’re not allowed to publish it elsewhere.
  • Should we not get articles of good quality in a particular month, we reserve the right to only award to entries that are deemed reward-worthy. This could result in fewer winners.
  • Your give our editors explicit permission to edit your content as needed. You will always be credited as the author. Should you be unhappy with the edits, or don’t want to associate your name with the article anymore, please let us know through email.
  • By submitting your content to us, you give us permission to market the material as needed, including on our site, and network of sites or other places as needed.
  • By submitting more articles/entries in a month, you’re probably going to increase your chances of winning the big prize.

Resources for You:

First time writer? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here are some resources to help.

How to write an article?

How to Hyperlink?

Look at this resource:

You will see many of the words written are linked to another page. These are the sources. You need to use stats/studies from reliable sources and insert them as applicable. If confused, check the video below. It’s easy, and takes a sec! For your online readers, it’s a great way to know that the content is authentic.

How do you Pick a Topic?

Stuck out of ideas on what to write on? Look for a theme first. You can decide to write on any of our themes. Lifestyle. Haircare. Books. Movies. Games. Fashion. Fitness. Stories. Poems. Student tidbits.

We highly recommend browsing through our site to know the type of topics we write on.

You can send in an article as long as it fits the site theme.

Want to learn more? Once you decide on the theme, find the idea or what you want to write on. Then, you can paste your keyword here and get many topic suggestions!

Simple, easy and gets you started in no time!

For any questions/confusions, please reach out to us at Email your article to