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Sumona Chakravarti quitting The Kapil Sharma Show?


Rumours and controversies everywhere. Tanmay Bhatt, Udta Punjan and now The Kapil Sharma Show.  Rumours came flying that Sumona Chakravarti wants to leave the show. The loved character of Sarla played by her has some issues apparently with the makers and the story line to be coming up.


If you are a FRIENDS fan, you would probably remember how Joey got so upset because his character of Dr Drake Ramoray was made to die and later how Jessica reacted when she was being killed off. Well, one definitely feels sorry for the Game of Thrones characters. Who knows when they will be killed off. Same is said to be the case with Sumona Chakravarti, who wants to quit beforehand as probably the makers are planning to introduce a new character as Kapil’s lover. Sumona, who had played Kapil’s wife Manju in Comedy Nights, is surely uncomfortable with this idea.

Another report says that she has demanded hike in money and is denied therefore she plans on leaving the show. Although Sumona Chakravarti has denied this buzz.


However, there is some good news. According to Times of India report, Sumona has refuted the rumours of her leaving the show. “No, I am not quitting The Kapil Sharma Show. I [am] enjoying my stint on TKSS and I am still part of the show,” Sumona told the daily. Yaya from the fans!


There is one thing that cannot be ignored, though. If one has been following the show closely, one will notice that with every episode Sarla’s role is getting shorter. This stands as a hanging sword on the neck.

The Kapil Sharma’s Show, so apt in comedy, so to the point, might get funnier or not. In the last week, the show’s TRP had increased and its ratings and was at par with “India’s Got Talent,”.


In “Comedy Night with Kapil.” Kapil’s character Bittu and Manju had received immense love from viewers. Sarla’s exit or this rumoured new character’s entry will act as a turning point for this show. As of now, the fans are enjoying the show and are have their fingers crossed.





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