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8 Sure Shot Hacks for Insomniacs


Again.. and again.. and one more time.. just tossing and turning on the bed very slowly, in an attempt to avoid those eerie sounds of the bed, trying to look at the wall-clock, failing which you turn on your phone, and that sudden bright light makes you more uncomfortable. Everything around you makes you irritable.

Its awful when everyone around you is fast asleep and you are counting the number of flowers in the curtain over the window. Below are some hacks listed for such insomniacs.

  • Count the number of breaths you take.

Try the 8-16-32 pattern. Yes, one of the effective methods. Try counting 8 breaths when you are on one side, then turn your face upside and count 16 breaths, then turn to the other side and count 32 breaths. It also helps you with the digestion and hence any over-eating which must be causing insomnia will be avoided. (P.S.- Take Deep Breaths)

  • Dive into a book and read through the depths

Pick up a book, preferably a boring one. Pick it up and start reading from the most boring part, the acknowledgement stuff. Then move on to further pages, skipping none. Don’t go for thriller or murder mysteries, else you will spend the whole night working out the mysteries and in turn reading out the whole book.

  • Watch videos!! ( I do it personally.)

Yes, I have been doing this since ages now. Though this is not a good habit but effective for some chronic insomniacs. I don’t know why this is effective but I guess somehow it puts some strain on the eyes and gradually you feel some heaviness over your eyelids, you have to shut your eyes because that’s what gives you relief.

  • Always wash your hands and feet before sleeping.

Hygiene plays an important role in everyone’s life. Cleanliness and hygiene makes one feel relaxed and when you are relaxed and feel light its likely that you will sleepy soon. It will be better if you wash your face too. A dirty face will irritate you and become a hindrance in your sleep. 

  • Manipulate the room-temperature.

Though its nowhere mentioned that it’s a hack, yet I will mention it here, because it is practically proven. Yes, keep the room temperature a little lower than usual i.e. “cold enough” and grab a light quilt. It gives you a cozy feeling and put you to sleep soon.

  • Listen to soothing music.

If the music is not having lyrics, purely instrumental preferable some piano or violin or some classic sweet songs, it is the most helpful. I sleep in less than 10 minutes listening to a piano instrumental.

  • Try meditation.

Often its said we should not meditate while lying down, because it relaxes our body to the point that we feel dizzy. While lying on bed, you can try some simple, light meditations and relax your body. Meditation relaxes your mind and it stops working actively, hence putting one to sleep gradually.

  • Scribble your thoughts

Put down every single thing you are thinking of, be it about the breakfast next morning, about your love, the plans for tomorrow, your stomach routine problem, your short-term goals, anything and everything which is bothering you. Just give your thoughts a structure on the paper. That will make you feel relieved of some stress.

These were some of the sleeping hacks which people around the globe often try and get positive results. I have tried so many myself. Do try some, if you are an insomniac, if not, then suggest your insomniac friends.


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