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Surf Photography: Tips To Make Your Pictures Better Than Ever

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Taking the perfect image is much more than just luck. It requires knowledge of how your camera works as well as understanding the environment that you are working in. This is made even more difficult when photographing moving objects like the perfect photo opportunity can be gone within a matter of seconds.

However, it is not impossible. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of our top tips to make your surfing photography better than ever before.


Consider The Composition Of Your Image

When taking pictures in the surf there is plenty you need to consider but one of the most key points is the composition. This is everything when capturing live action as it makes the image pleasing to the eyes. In addition, the composition of the image is crucial when looking at designing canvas prints online as this will ensure that your image is displayed correctly when printed and framed on the wall.

Shutter Speed Is Key

In addition to the composition of the image, the shutter speed is crucial. This is because the shutter speed can either add or take away detail from the image. As a photographer, you want to capture the action, but you also want to show the movement of the water.

This, therefore, means altering the shutter speed to capture the movement of the wave at just the right moment. This is a skill that will take some time to develop, but if done correctly can have a huge impact on the quality of images that you can capture.

Make Use Of Light

In addition to shutter speed, getting the lighting is crucial. With the sun reflecting on the water, it can be difficult to ensure that the image is not overexposed. Though this is a challenge when out on the water, getting the hang of lighting will help you to improve the quality of your images. It is important to be patient when learning these skills as it can also change when photographing sunsets or other images throughout the day. When you become accustomed to the ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture, you can then begin to use different lighting to your advantage.


Make Use Of A Long Lens

If you are someone looking to take your images from dry land a long lens is your best friend. With several different styles of lens on the market, it is possible to find one with a zoom that is long enough. This can not only help you to capture the action without the risk of breaking your equipment, but you can stabilise the images using a tripod. This is also a great way of capturing images as the sun sets such as surfers walking up the beach. This is a great way to capture the whole surfing experience rather than just the close-up action.

Whether you are new to this style of photography, or you have been photographing surfing and a wide range of other sports for years, we hope that these photography tips can help you to take your images to the next level.

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