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Surviving High School: Top Tips


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High school can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the correct attitude and behavior. Many teenagers find it hard to survive through high school which impacts their whole life. At this point, it is even a bit of a cliché, with popular TV shows often dedicating multiple episodes as parodies of modern teenage life.

But, if you are one of those high schoolers looking for survival tips, you have come to the right place! The rest of this article will offer up some great tips for surviving high school.

High School Survival 101 Guide

1. Study Hard

We will start with studies, which is the primary purpose of going to school in the first place. A high school education lays the foundation for your college, so studies must be taken seriously. Even if university life isn’t in your future aspirations, good high school study skills build discipline that will be applicable for the rest of your life.

Furst, take notes at class and be attentive. Make studying a regular habit and take proper preparation before big tests. Plan your studies and keep track of your assignments and projects.

It is also the time to discover the subjects you like which can help you decide what to take in college.

Study groups with friends are a good way to get motivated and get help with your studies at the same time. Also, do not be afraid to approach teachers and ask for their assistance.

Need more tips? Here are 7 more study strategies for high schoolers.

2. Make Right Kind of Friends

You have to make friends with the right people who make you feel good about and are ready to help you out. Friends are your support and way out throughout high school, and they are the ones with whom you are going to have all the fun!

Mix with a lot of different people, both boys and girls because everyone has something to teach. Beware of staying away from those who seek or create trouble. You are the crowd that you hang around.

3. Stand Up to Bullies

You must stand up to acts of bullying on the first instance. You don’t have to fight back, just lay your rules and speak out.

If the matter is severe or gets physical, inform your teachers or parents. Bullying is such an issue in some schools that parents withdraw their children and homeschool them instead.

4. Use the Right Tools

Yes, the right resources matter. For instance, if you are looking to get through your science classes, you need to use graphing calculators that work.

You will have a lot of pressure in high school but keep your confidence up and believe in yourself. Do not let others discourage you and take you off your track.

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