Surviving the First Semester in College: Top Tips

Surviving the First Semester in College: Top Tips 1

Surviving the First Semester in College: Top Tips 2

Going to college is a big deal. We leave the life we have known forever behind and move into the world of the unknown. Freshly out from the school, we have a little to no idea about things work in the real world. And the deal is even bigger for those of us who move to a new place for college, leaving the family and the familiarity of the city we have been grown up at behind. “What is I don’t make friends?”, “what if I won’t be able to fit in?”. Most students have these questions bubbling in their head while packing to leave.

Now, that being said, let’s not forget the most important thing. The time spent in college is the best time. Neither you have restrictions (like you did in school) nor do you have an excruciatingly burdened work schedule (like you are going to have when you start working), so it is a well-balanced life between deadlines and night outs.

Here are some tips to make the first semester of your college life easier:

Be good to your roommate

If you are living in a shared hostel room, your roommate is going to be your first friend and the first person you can reach in case of any medical or otherwise emergency, so be good to them. make a good first impression, don’t take more space in the room that is assigned to you, don’t touch their things without their permission, and don’t interfere in their life unnecessarily. Don’t be clingy or indifferent, find a midway. invite them for dinner every now and then. If they fall sick, be there for them, you might in the future need that too, living in a hostel means being home away from home for fellow hostelers.

Now, don’t confuse being good with taking the bad behavior they throw at you (if they do that). Some roommates can be real disastrous bloodsuckers, make sure you take a stand whenever needed.

Make Friends

The process of getting a degree can be a long and tedious one, a little like-minded company will help you get through it.

Do not wait until the last minute to complete the projects and assignments


Do not procrastinate working on the projects and assignments, it may not look a lot at first but if you haven’t been working with a plan you are going to freak out at the last minute during submissions.

Do not hesitate to contact the professors if you need help

Yes, college is all fun and games but let’s not forget the main purpose we are there for, education, and the professors and faculty members are there for us to help the cause. If there is something you need help for, a toic you are not able to understand or the format in which the projects and assignments are to submitted, talk to the concerned faculty.

Attend the activities and festivals organized by the college

you will make new friends and beautiful memories. Period.

Sign up for the clubs that interest you

If you have an undying love for literature, join the literary club; If you into sports, Join the sports club and so on. It will make the process of getting the degree more interesting and fun filled.

Remember to contact you family and friends back at home every once in a while

make some calls, know what they are up to.

Do not give up

For some of us, college can be difficult but don’t give up. If there is something bothering you talk to someone you trust. Talk to your family, friends, they care.

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