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What to Eat with Salmon Patties? 14 Tasty Options to Choose From

One of the healthiest fish, salmon, resides under the deep ocean. It


Dr Vidhi Chawla on Healthy Food Choices and Right Nutrition

Dr Vidhi Chawla is a certified nutritionist and a homeopathic physician who

shruthee By shruthee

Deciphering Things To Eat With Tonsillectomy: A Nutritional Guide

Recovery from Tonsil surgery is a painful one. And even more puzzling

Edith_Minz By Edith_Minz

Fueling Your Run: What to Eat Before a Long Run for Optimal Performance

Whether you are an athlete, a beginner, preparing for a half marathon,

Sneha Babaria By Sneha Babaria

What To Eat After Appendix Surgery ?

Aftеr undеrgoing appendix surgery appendectomy, it's crucial to follow your doctor’s advice

Muskan Malik By Muskan Malik

Smita Vaidya’s Journey as a Flavorful Food Blogger

Smita Vaidya is a food blogger and home chef based in Bangalore,

Hiba Mariam By Hiba Mariam

Neha Goyal: A Nutritionist’s Take on Wellness

Neha Goyal is a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant who is passionate about

Hiba Mariam By Hiba Mariam

What causes Low Creatinine and 4 Ways to Increase It.

'What causes low creatinine?' - this is a question that all of

Sarah Fernandes By Sarah Fernandes

Adarsh Desai: Spreading Fitness Education to the Masses

There have been a lot of nutritionists and fitness trainers who help

Mayukh Bhattacharjee By Mayukh Bhattacharjee

9 Insightful Questions with Food Consultant Anjali Peswani

Anjali Peswani is a talented, experienced diet, nutrition, wellness, and food consultant.

Iqra By Iqra

“I am in Control of my Dreams”- Priyanka Lahiri

Health and nutrition are very important in one's life. Priyanka Lahiri is

Poorvi Parida By Poorvi Parida

Startling 32 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

Have you ever considered eating one of these 32 foods that burn

Arsh Das By Arsh Das

Diet Delivery Plans for Gluten Free Food 

  The demand for gluten free food has been on the rise

Soubhik By Soubhik

How To Delay Death?

Death is a bitter truth of life and sooner or later everyone

Deepali Rastogi 97 By Deepali Rastogi 97