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Akanksha Nanda: The 2-in-1 Maven Doctor & Talented Dancer

Akanksha Nanda is a doctor doing her post-graduation in MD Anaesthesia. She

Juhika Mehta By Juhika Mehta

Dr. Pallavi Aga: 6 Intriguing Questions on Health & Nutrition

Dr. Pallavi Aga is an M.D. Doctor and Senior Radiologist who is following

Hiba Mariam By Hiba Mariam

8 Questions with Dr. Mitali Rathod about Menstrual Health

Dr. Mitali Rathod is a gynecologist. She is a very hardworking doctor

Khushi Jaiswal By Khushi Jaiswal

10 Interesting Q&A with Dr. Megha S. Nath

Dr. Megha S. Nath is a talented doctor and author. She believes

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Dr Devashish Palkar: 11 Profound Questions On Mental Health

Dr. Devashish Palkar, the new-age mental health professional, based in Surat, found

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9 Enlightening Questions with Dr. Aditi Hinge

Dr. Aditi Hinge is a psychiatrist who is passionate about spreading the

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Neharika Malhotra: 9 Informative Questions on Life As A Doctor

It is rightly said that "Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can

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8 Questions with Dr. Niveditha Manokaran on Sexual Health

Dr.Niveditha Manokaran is a dermatologist, and venereologist, who also spreads valuable and

Juhika Mehta By Juhika Mehta

Dr. Aashiket Sable: The 2-in-1 Genius Doctor & Influencer

Dr. Aashiket Sable is an Orthopedic Surgeon who has his roots in

Hiba Mariam By Hiba Mariam

West Bengal Doctor Fiasco

“In nothing do men more clearly approach the Gods than in giving

Arunim@ By Arunim@

These Two Doctors Have Restored Our Faith in Humanity!

In today's era where doctors are portrayed as venal, avaricious, and callous,

Anandita Pattnaik By Anandita Pattnaik

Doctor From Pune Starts a Movement to Stop Female Infanticide!

We live in a country where, for some unfathomable reason, having a

Sanaa Mehra By Sanaa Mehra

Master Hypnosis: 7 Important Skills You Should Have

Hypnosis is a mental technology, which includes self-hypnosis or hypnotizing other people.

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