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The Unexplained Death of Kurt Cobain- Explored in 5 Points

It’s hard to find a classic rock fan who doesn’t know about

Arithra Biswas By Arithra Biswas

What Happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman?

When you think about actors who have died an untimely death, chances

Arithra Biswas By Arithra Biswas

Can Adults Overdose on Melatonin? 4 Common Side Effects

What is melatonin?  Melatonin is a hormone produced by a tiny gland

AnushkaD By AnushkaD

How To Stop Being High : 10 Effective Ways To Control It

Being high refers to being in an excited state because of intoxication.

Sarah Fernandes By Sarah Fernandes

What is the Most Addictive Drug?

A drug is something that is used to bring out relief or

joshuacharles137 By joshuacharles137

What Causes Addiction? 5 Important Points

What is addiction? Addiction makes one crave their object of addiction. They

Monimoyee Chakrabarty By Monimoyee Chakrabarty

After Udta Punjab, Now It Might be Udta Kochi

Kochi is Kerala’s commercial capital and is also known as “god’s own

Rhea Bali By Rhea Bali

14 Reasons Why Prostitution Should Be Legal.

Prostitution, to be legal or banned or termed as illegal, has always

NisargJB By NisargJB

Happy 34th Birthday to the Princess of Pop: Britney Spears!

Who doesn’t know the Princess of Pop? Britney Spears has redefined the

Anush Ghosh By Anush Ghosh