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An Amazing Guide To Optical Illusion Art

Op Art, or “optical illusion art,” is a visual aesthetic that purposefully

Pavitra Choudhary By Pavitra Choudhary

Lovyaa Garg: A Very Talented Illustrator & Comic Artist

Lovyaa Garg is an illustrator and comic artist working through social media

Dhanika Bhola By Dhanika Bhola

Ana Patankar: 17 Fun Questions with a Comic Artist

Today at Icy Tales, we have Ana Patankar, a character designer, comic artist

Mehar Jolly By Mehar Jolly

Alicia Souza: Illustrations that are Louder than Words

Alicia Souza, an amazing illustrator, artist, and storyteller. She is the founder of

Mehar Jolly By Mehar Jolly