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How to Not Be Clingy: 8 Effective Ways

Recent research revealed that a clingy person in a relationship is the

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10 Q&A with Dr. Neha Mehta on Mental Health

Dr. Neha Mehta is a registered Psychologist who is vocal about the

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How to Stop Being Insecure in a Relationship: 5 Ideas to Apply

"You should never have to look for evidence that someone loves you.

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9 Questions with Poonam Bhatewara : A Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructor Poonam Bhatewara is from Surat, Gujarat. She has balanced her

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How to Stop Being a Narcissist: 7 Helpful Ways

Do you experience internal melancholy or loneliness? Do you also have a

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10 Informative Questions with Psychiatrist Dr. Sarthak Dave

Dr. Sarthak Dave is a psychiatrist by profession who spreads awareness on mental

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11 Questions with an Encouraging Life Coach Anamika Pandey

Anamika Pandey is mental wellness and relationship coach. Anamika is also an

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How To Forgive Yourself: 12 Essential Steps to Follow

"To err is human, to forgive is divine," coined by Alexander Pope

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Sheetal Sanghvi’s Art Therapy Revolutionizes Mental Health

Sheetal Sanghvi is one of the most amazing counselors and therapists who

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8 Helpful Ways On How To Be Less Sensitive

Are you an emotional person, or do you get easily offended by

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8 Questions with Generous Level 2 Yoga Teacher Looma Kushwaha

Looma Kushwaha is a QCI-certified level 2 yoga instructor and head teacher

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A Conversation with A Profound Psychologist Sanam Devidasani

Sanam Devidasani is a psychologist from Mumbai. She works from a relational approach

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What is Low Self-Control: A Complete Guide

Control is something that no one wants in their personal life because

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9 Questions with Shibili Suhanah on Human Psychology

Shibili Suhanah is a psychologist. She works as a queer-affirmative and feminist

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Harsha Banthia: 6 Questions with the Optimistic Yoga Acharya

Harsha Banthia is a Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Coach, Post-Natal Coach, and Sound Healer

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9 Questions with Anusha Avadhani on Mental Health

Anusha Avadhani is a life and mindset coach who helps millennials dream

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Meet Sonal Oswal: 6 Questions on Graphology & Mental Health

Sonal Oswal is a graphologist who works as a counselor and therapist.

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Anamika Yaduvanshi: On the Mission to Shape 1 Lakh Lives

Anamika Yaduvanshi is a Life Coach who helps people achieve their life goals

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