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7 Dimensions of Health: A Simple Definition

Health is quite a common term used in our daily life. But

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Glamorous World: 7 Celebrities With OCD

The world of glamour is full of picture-perfect celebrities. Designer clothes, designer

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10 Questions with Saumya Mathur on Mental Health

Located in Delhi, Psychotherapist Saumya Mathur is dedicated to helping people connect

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What is Exposure Therapy: 3 Kinds of Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is an evidence-based therapy that falls under the behavioral school

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Dr Devashish Palkar: 11 Profound Questions On Mental Health

Dr. Devashish Palkar, the new-age mental health professional, based in Surat, found

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9 Enlightening Questions with Dr. Aditi Hinge

Dr. Aditi Hinge is a psychiatrist who is passionate about spreading the

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25 Interesting Facts About Stress And Ways to Get Relief

Stress is a very common term that humans are found to be

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Ekta Dixit- “Don’t be the Victim of your Thoughts!”

Ekta Dixit is a life and relationship coach and mental health professional.

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What Are The Types of Psychology: Your Best Guide [2022]

What are the different types of psychology? Are you also a curious

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How to Invest in Yourself: 20 Best Ways

How to invest in yourself? Generally, when we come across the word

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OCD in Teenagers: Symptoms and 3 Best Strategies for Treatment

OCD in Teenagers: How does it affect teenagers? Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a

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Why do I Feel Emotionally Numb: 10 Tips to Solve the Issue

Emotionally numb, are you? It's natural for everyone to feel a little

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How to Deal With Stress as a Teenage Girl

A complete guide on "how to deal with stress as a teenage

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Manic Depression: Symptoms And 4 Best Ways To Manage It

Do you ever feel rapid changes in your mood which are poles

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10 Reasons That Favor Sex Education In Schools

Sex education can be defined as that branch of education that aims

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Battle In My Mind: a Concise Overview

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and clinical anxiety back in the

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20 Best Books To Help You Grow

With this article, I bring you a list of 20 best books

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Mental Health in the workplace

For many years, those suffering from mental health issues like depression and

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