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Uncover the intricate workings of the human mind. Delve into psychology, neuroscience, and self-discovery to understand the power of your thoughts and emotions.

The Breath-Taking Journey of Anirudh Dharmagadi

Anirudh Dharmagadi is a Content Creator who posts a lot of empowering

Hiba Mariam By Hiba Mariam

8 Thought-Provoking Questions with Bhavya Dhawan

Bhavya Dhawan is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist. She is also a

Dhanika Bhola By Dhanika Bhola

15 Examples Of Presence Of Mind

Human brain is like a computer. The command that you give it, produces

Aashna Rohira By Aashna Rohira

Mind: A Human’s Powerhouse

The strongest part of a human body is the mind. It controls

Jinal Dedhia By Jinal Dedhia

15 Best Chess Players of All Time

One of the oldest and world-famous board games, Chess is the finest

Saket Kumar By Saket Kumar

Speaking to Yourself: Its not always crazy!

"He will hit a six." No! He won't. "He will surely hit

Nikhil attri By Nikhil attri

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays!

Once, someone wondered why Monday appears so far from Friday and why

ShradhaTiwari By ShradhaTiwari

Introverts – Decoding Their Unique Mind

Introverts are generally misunderstood as bad at relationships, depressed and inferior. Still, they

Vaughira By Vaughira

Telepathy – 6 Amazing Ways It Can Change your Life

Was it telepathy? Did it ever happen to you that you plan

erika By erika

Master Hypnosis: 7 Important Skills You Should Have

Hypnosis is a mental technology, which includes self-hypnosis or hypnotizing other people.

erika By erika