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14 Hilarious Choices Among the 2000s Comedy Films To Watch

Comedy movies aren't like any other genre since they contain the right

aaliyamerchant By aaliyamerchant

5 Motivations Behind the Grinch’s Christmas Dislike

Christmas is the season of merriment, love, laughter, and hot chocolate. This

KeerthanaReddy By KeerthanaReddy

Top 5 Movies that Have Sequels that We Love to Watch

The title "Top 5 movies that have sequels" can seem to be

Ankana By Ankana

20 Rajinikanth Jokes That Would Make Even Rajinikanth Go ROFL!

From a coolie, a carpenter and later, a bus conductor to the

Barkha Pandey By Barkha Pandey

8 Reasons Why Every Movie Buff Needs To Watch Nolan’s Films!

The people of this world are divided into three different categories: people

Vaishnavi Kulkarni By Vaishnavi Kulkarni

What Does DC Comics Stand For? 5 Amazing Facts!

If you are a comic book geek, then you are most likely

Joshita By Joshita


THE SPOTLIGHT 5 Non- English Movies that I would like to bring

Pooja Shenoy By Pooja Shenoy

Top 15 Epic Bollywood Dialogues that Hit us Right at the Feels

India has established itself in history as a hub of art and

Padmaja Mishra By Padmaja Mishra

10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots!

Being an avid reader, I know that every time I indulge in

Anandita Pattnaik By Anandita Pattnaik

Top 5 Bollywood Performances of 2015

Some good movies and some extraordinary movies, definitely, made our year. With

Sri Dhanya Maheswaran By Sri Dhanya Maheswaran

10 Ways How Digital Has Led To More Access To Filmmaking

how digital has led to more access to filmmaking.

Shruti Negi By Shruti Negi

The Top 7 Marvel Movies to Look at Next

It is said that all good things must come to an end.

Hiranya Mukherjee By Hiranya Mukherjee

Everest (2015) – Honest Review

Everest is the closest I'll ever get to scaling the world's largest

Rahul Malpe By Rahul Malpe

10 Best Apocalyptic Movies

The Earth's (or another planet's) society is either falling or has already

Niharika_Ruhela By Niharika_Ruhela

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies to Binge-Watch

Love watching horror movies? But wish to go back in time to

Pricilla By Pricilla

Top 5 Worst Bollywood Remake of Hollywood Movies

Indian movies have been making remakes of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters for a

rimu By rimu

10 Must Watch and Most Awaited Hollywood Movies of 2016

Hollywood is the bank that produces some mind-blowing films and has given

Harsh Thakkar By Harsh Thakkar

Where to Watch Harry Potter (All 7 Harry Potter Movies)

Want to know where to watch harry potter? Keep on reading then...

Singh_adityanath By Singh_adityanath