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Binita Das: 21 Interesting Questions on Food & Much More

Binita Das is a 25 years old Bengali girl who is brave and blessed

Mehar Jolly By Mehar Jolly

A Conversation with Doctors on Wheels

Doctors on Wheels is an Instagram page and YouTube Channel run by

Hiba Mariam By Hiba Mariam

Diksha Rai: 13 Insightful Questions with a Passionate Artist

24-year-old Diksha Rai completed her master's in fashion and textile merchandising from

Dhanika Bhola By Dhanika Bhola

9 Hacks To Be Someone Charming

What makes someone charming? Human beings already possess some qualities which make

riddhima By riddhima

Jaya Dourbi-A Strong Journalist with a Passion for Art

Art and craft are two vital essences of an artist's life. Some

Poorvi Parida By Poorvi Parida

Sonali Sharma: A Compassionate And Inspiring Author

A fantastic writer, a fabulous speaker, a young achievers awardee, and of

Saakshi Kulkarni By Saakshi Kulkarni

Quit Before You Have To Say “I QUIT”!

Note: This is for those who are honest enough to admit that

Abhilasha Dey By Abhilasha Dey

10 Reasons Why Rock Musicians Are Different From Others

I have been writing for ICY TALES' 'music' category, or I would say it

sagar tikyani By sagar tikyani

A Powerful Interview with Vishakha Ruhela (2015)

A lot of people slog throughout their lives to achieve their dream.

Oindrila Gupta By Oindrila Gupta

Woman – Forgotten Passion and Dreams

A dream is not what we see with closed eyes; instead, it's

greeshma21 By greeshma21