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Navigate the memorable journey of education, friendships, and growth during your school life. Discover the joys and challenges that shape your future.

How to Fake Being Sick: 5 Effective Tips that Work

"You don't sound too well, what's wrong?". "It's nothing, just practicing some

Purva_Kulkarni By Purva_Kulkarni

3 Interesting Ways To Memorize Your Notes

School life is the best phase of a human being's life. School

Dimple Singh By Dimple Singh

11 Great Ways Your School Life Changes You

The presidents and prime ministers who rule countries, or scientists or philosophers,

sushma rani By sushma rani

Loving a Girl: 11 Reasons Why a Teacher Thinks You’re an Ass

Couples and Teachers Here are why teachers dislike a relationship forming in

Vijay Bharadwaj By Vijay Bharadwaj

11 Amazing Ways School Changes You

They say next to a family; school is the second home for

shriya By shriya

Wes Craven Leaves Us At 76

Wes Craven, the man behind some of the most iconic horror movies

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