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Explore what is society. Know different structures of society the history of the formation of norms, and economic &cultural development in different areas.

Chill Check: How to Tell if Your AC Compressor is on the Fritz?

Your air conditioner is a lifesaver, creating cool and cozy inside spaces

abhiz By abhiz

Nirbhaya’s Afterlife

'You are the witness.' 'You were there when those men were excruciating

Aarohan By Aarohan

Working Woman or Housewife? How Easy Could It Be?

What comes to your mind when you first hear the word “housewife”?

Indranee Deb By Indranee Deb

15 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Looking for the best places to visit in Switzerland and confused among

Aamna Bhalla By Aamna Bhalla

How Does Astrology Work? – Your Curiosity Ends Here

According to astrology, every person's life is affected by the alignment of

sakshi By sakshi

How Are Trends Set?: 5 Important Factors That Influence Trends

Do you remember the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Lockdowns had been

Stuti Raha By Stuti Raha

“I’m Just A Student Doing My Job”- Teresa A. Braggs On Protests

In times when political crisis finds its way to college campuses, Teresa

Liana Yadav By Liana Yadav

8 Tips On How To Stop Being A People Pleaser

8 tips on how to stop being a people pleaser

Shruti Negi By Shruti Negi

Top 10 Amazing Heart-Touching Real-Life Stories

All of you have grown up reading inspirational stories, heart-touching real-life stories,

Aamna Bhalla By Aamna Bhalla

Shades Of The ‘Sacred’ Knot

"Happiness in marriage is entirely by chance," - Jane Austen. If not

Icy Tales Team By Icy Tales Team

Surviving Without Romance And Love

Being born in India means at some point in your life, you

Shaivya Singh By Shaivya Singh

20 Effective Ways on How To Recognize Your True Friend

How to recognize your true friend? What is true friendship? It is

riddhima By riddhima

9 Hacks To Be Someone Charming

What makes someone charming? Human beings already possess some qualities which make

riddhima By riddhima

10 Amazing Facts about Ashoka Dhamma

Do you have questions like what is Ashoka Dhamma? Who was Ashoka? Was

Kirti By Kirti

Impromptu Public Speaking: 4 Important Things For You

Do you know what impromptu public speaking is? Here is a complete

shreyaray By shreyaray

10 Largest Cities In The World: The Magnificent Megacities

The cities are persistently evolving, all day and night with high population

Krishnapriya R By Krishnapriya R

What Is Greenhouse Effect? 5 Effective Ways To Reduce It

Aside from the general myth, the greenhouse effect is actually a good

Neha Pasupuleti By Neha Pasupuleti

6 Best of Oscar Wilde’s Works: Legacy He Left Behind

What are some of the best of Oscar Wilde's works? Are you

Kirti Chhikara21 By Kirti Chhikara21