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What Sahiba Bhardwaj Says About Physical Well-Being

Sahiba Bhardwaj is a nutritionist and the founder of her B Fit

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How Shraddha Shetty Nourishes Lives?

Shraddha Shetty is the Head Nutritionist working at Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems.

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Neha Goyal: A Nutritionist’s Take on Wellness

Neha Goyal is a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant who is passionate about

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The Optimistic Homeopath Dr. Anum Zaheer

Dr. Anum Zaheer is an M.D. (Hom) PGDEMS currently practicing in Pune.

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Long-Term Care Needs Among Retirees

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet

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Natashya Phillips Coutinho in Pursuit of Wellness

Natashya Phillips Coutinho is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Luke

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A Conversation with Intelligent Nutrition Coach Raksha Lulla’s

Raksha Lulla is a Nutrition Coach hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She pursued Wellness

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9 Insightful Questions with Food Consultant Anjali Peswani

Anjali Peswani is a talented, experienced diet, nutrition, wellness, and food consultant.

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7 Dimensions of Health: A Simple Definition

Health is quite a common term used in our daily life. But

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