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10 Q&A with Dr. Neha Mehta on Mental Health

Dr. Neha Mehta is a registered Psychologist who is vocal about the

Ramnwesh Kumar By Ramnwesh Kumar

Akanksha Nanda: The 2-in-1 Maven Doctor & Talented Dancer

Akanksha Nanda is a doctor doing her post-graduation in MD Anaesthesia. She

Juhika Mehta By Juhika Mehta

Utsa Madan: Behind The Scenes with A Confident Blogger

Utsa Madan describes herself as a 'typical Delhite.' She was born here,

Debaduti Dey By Debaduti Dey

Priyanka Chopra’s Doppelganger YouTuber Breaks the Internet

Doppelganger, based on German folklore every person has a look alike and

Rhea Bali By Rhea Bali