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Tanzanian Girl Stripped And Humiliated: Where Are We Heading?


How will you react if you are punished insanely for a crime that you didn’t commit? However, the crime you are blamed for is a serious crime, a MURDER! This is the story of a Tanzanian girl assaulted by insensitive people for something she couldn’t even think to do.

A 21-year-old Tanzanian girl, a second-year student at Acharya College, was repeatedly beaten and was made to parade around with her clothes stripped off her body.

What happened at the scene?

Tanzanian girl accused of car accident

A car ran over a 35-year-old man in the Hesaraghatta resident, and the man entered the jaws of death. The driver of that car was a Sudanese youth. 30 minutes later, a group of 5 students in a Wagon-R arrived at the scene. They were trapped by violent people and then started a shameful series of activities.

People turned into monsters and began treating the innocent Tanzanian girl as their prey. They thrashed the girl, dragged her out, and started beating her just because she was an African. The shocking event did not end here; the angry mob then tore her clothes and paraded her naked on the roads kicking and punching her from all directions. When a man tried to give her a shirt to save her modesty, he was beaten too.

Image source: Flickr, Wimayr


The girl attempted to save her life from the brutal attack by getting on a bus that slowed down to see the shocking scene, but the passengers inside were no less than the mob outside. The people in the bus threw her out to the mad people again.

Where were the police?

The same question has been ringing in my head until I heard about this cruel incident. According to the sources, when the event took place, the police did nothing but enjoy the whole scene instead of saving the innocent girl. Along with the girl, four more innocent students were harassed, beaten up, and robbed. When they escaped the scene and reached the hospital for treatment, the hospital refused to admit them as they had no money or ATM/debit cards. They were robbed of all their belongings like cash, ATM cards, and their relevant documents were burnt along with the car. Their mobile phones were robbed, and they couldn’t even call anybody for help. Imagine yourself in such a horrid situation, and you will realize how painful it is.

When the Tanzanian girl went to the police station to file a case, the cops refused to do so and asked the girl to bring the car driver who drove over the man. The girl didn’t even know where the accident took place, and the cops asked her to bring the driver first; it seemed senseless. Such inhumane acts cannot be encouraged in the future. The African embassy and the student union of Africa demand justice, and she definitely deserves it.

Image source: Flickr, Silent march against racism


This event is an example of brutality in its nastiest form. It clearly depicts the extent to which humans could go in torturing their fellow beings. Something like this should never happen in a country like India that is supposed to be the biggest democracy! The recent incident accounts for the possibilities of the horror that the city could throw to the Africans there.


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