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5 Technological Innovations We Cannot Live Without

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Can you live without technology? It has made our lives easy, fast, and efficient. It provides us with whatever we want instantly. We can depend on it to do all of our work impeccably. All this has resulted in us getting impatient and lazy. But then, we aren’t complaining!


Here’s a list of five technological innovations that we cannot live without.

  • Smartphones-

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    This device is our most important possession. Snoozing the alarm clock is our first work in the morning. Then we check what messages we have received. That’s how we start the day. This device allows us to make and receive calls, send text messages, listen to music, watch videos, read E-books,  play games, click pictures and so much more. Losing ones’ smartphone can result in a heartbreak worse than a breakup. 

  • Internet connection-

    The Internet is the best thing that has happened to us. Sharing files, communicating through Email, downloading stuff, online shopping, learning new things, keeping ourselves updated with everything that is going on in the world– Internet lets us do it all. Think about how hard doing your homework would be without the Internet. Also, how else would we watch cat videos?


  • Computer/tablet/laptop
    Before smartphones, all we had were computers. Computers are extremely useful for work as they are used for making presentations, writing, editing videos and photos, recording audio, etc. Back then, it was the only device that could give us access to the internet. Playing games, downloading movies, sending E-mail, etc were done using computers. Smartphones can do almost everything a computer does but computers cannot be replaced.
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  •  Photocopier and Printer– Photocopiers are our saviors before every exam ever. We simply cannot imagine or want a life without it.


Printers are just as important. Handwritten assignments without pictures on them? Even thinking about can be stressful.


  • Fridge and Microwave– No fridge means no cold drink, ice cream or frozen food. Also, not so fresh fruits and vegetables. No microwave, well, how else will we have the leftover pizza from last night?

    Microwave and Fridge
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Never taking technology for granted! 

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