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Teejri – Sindhi Festival

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What is Teejri?

Teejri, sometimes known as Teejdi or Sindhi Teej, is a Sindhi festival. Teej is followed by almost all the Sindhi women and is very famous. Teejri is similar to Karwa Chauth and Hariyali/Kajari Teej. Sindhi ladies celebrate Teejri as they keep a fast on that day for their husbands and young girls keep teejri to get good marital bliss. Teej is celebrated in the month of Shrawan and normally falls on the 3rd day after the full moon falling in August.


Why do we celebrate Teejri?

According to the mythological stories, Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva. So she started praying and fasting for Lord Shiva, and later on, lord Shiv realised Goddess Parvati’s love and devotion towards him and married her. Thus, the goddess Parvati preached to all women about it, promising prosperity.

How do we celebrate Teejri?

Eat something at 4 am maybe a koki (Sindhi dish) and something sweet like rabri. It is necessary to eat something as you will fast for the entire day. This ritual is called Assur. Later have a shower, and then you can go back to sleep. In the morning, offer a little water on Tulsi (holy plant). Cook a little rice in the evening, and once it cools down, add raw milk and sliced cucumber along with a little sugar. This is known as Argh. Argh is offered to the Moon after offering the prayer, followed by water. The preparations for Teejri starts in the evening. The Thali used during the Katha is made of an oil lamp that can be lit on four sides (Chau-Mukha Diya), made out of wheat flour and haldi, kumkum, and Chandan, uncooked rice, flowers and pani ka kalash. The Teejri Katha starts around 8 in the evening, and people visit temples to listen to the Katha.


Usually, ladies fast with or without water. And a few of them fast on fruits as well. Mehndi can be applied on hands and feet. If you dislike Mehendi, you can just put a dot or make a small design as it is considered a stroke of good luck for the future.


What is Teejri Katha?

Teej Katha is very famous and should be done in the evening. The Katha tells us a story. The story starts with Lakshmichand, who had 2 sons and one daughter who recently got married. Once Mr Lakshimchand wished to perform Yagna, and so Lakshimichand called a brahman for it. Lakshimchand then sent both his sons to fetch his daughter and bring her home.

But the daughter was fasting for Teejri and couldn’t make it. So one of the brothers climbed up a tree & held a thali and showed her the Thali as the moon. Unaware of the plan, Rupwanti broke her fast and had dinner. In a few minutes, her husband went into a profound sleep. Rupwanti was shocked and panicked, and then the brothers told her the truth.

Rupwanti then laid her husband on her lap and, for the complete year, kept praying. The next year she again kept a fast of Teejri and offered the Moon with the argh. She fed the remaining argh to the husband, and then the miracle happened – the husband was all well again. Thus, it is said that Teej should be kept, and no one should break it. Teerji Mata ki Jai!!!

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