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Ten Tips to Grow and Engage your Instagram Following

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You might have joined Instagram to share photos of your meals or boast about your latest vacation, but in time you must have seen the huge business potential of this social media platform. If you are one of the 25 million businesses reported by the network, you surely want to make your time spent on the channel as profitable as possible.

So, what do you need to know on how to become an Instagram influencer? Whether you use professional services like InstaGrowing or not, these ten tips to grow and engage your following should help you reach your goals! 


Upload more content

Posting just one or two pictures per week just does not cut it anymore. If you want to have a large and active following, you will have to engage your admirers on a daily basis, and often many times per day. Try posting different types of content at various hours throughout the day. Find a posting flow that is relevant to both your activity and your followers.

Use more video content

The new trend among Instagram users is to follow influencers who post plenty of videos and Insta Stories. If you want to be fashionable and attract more clicks and followers, you will need to produce high-quality clips and upload them as part of your daily story, or through the live-streaming feature.

Research your hashtags

You can increase your Instagram following by using the correct hashtags on your posts. Try to do a bit of research on what’s trending and what is relevant before you upload new content. Find out the hashtags that your competition uses and get some inspiration from your followers as well. Last, but not least, always use the location tag to appeal to the users in your community.

Share users’ posts on your profile

Nowadays, so many people are active on Instagram that sometimes you do not even need to promote your brand if others do it for you. A company that has a certain degree of notoriety enjoys huge popular support. If this is the case for you, then you might want to check your followers’ profiles for content that is relevant to your activity. Next, repost their content, tag them in it and see your audience increase by the minute.

Do some peer-to-peer networking

Many businesses on Instagram choose to work together for events, contests or simply to enhance their popularity. When they make public their collaboration, each of them gets access to the other’s database of followers. You can use this strategy to appeal to users who would normally not look into your industry or business.

Time your posts accordingly

The first step to growing your audience is to understand it as best as possible. In this regard, you need to research and find out the time when most of your followers check their feed and leave an impression on your posts. This way, you will be able to set up a schedule and time your posts according to their Instagram-checking habits. The result is that your admirers will always feel that you are relevant and that they do not miss anything important.

Use Instagram analytics tools

You can tell the time when your followers check your posts by using the Instagram Analytics Tools. The good news is that this instrument offers plenty of statistics that should help you identify user behavior and general trends. Do thorough research using these tools to have a better insight into what your followers want to see from you, and what you should post next.

Lure in your followers

Try to make your posts as engaging as possible. Ask questions, create polls and lure in users to comment on your content. Additionally, you should buy instant Instagram followers to have a wide audience that can provide new users with a sense of belonging and association. Being part of a large group creates comfort and safety for most people out there.

Engage users in contests

Instagram contests are a great way of engaging your followers to comment on your posts. Make weekly contests and give out one of your products or services for free to the winner. Users love to take part in social media competitions, and their participation will force them to check your profile several times per day.

Use multichannel posting

Instagram is not the only social media network where you can get new admirers. Use your profiles on other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube etc. to attract users who rarely use the photo-sharing platform. Try to make your content similar or identical on every platform that you post to create brand awareness and easy recognition.

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