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The 5 Days of Diwali in India You Don’t Know About


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Diwali can unarguably be called India’s biggest festival. It is a grand culmination of many of India’s most popular festivals. It has elements of Holi, Raksha Bandhan and even Ganesh Chaturthi as a part of it. Elements of Holi are there in the colourful rangolis that can be seen outside everyone’s house. Bhai Dhuj which is a ceremony, in which the brothers and sisters celebrate the bond that is shared between them, is very similar to Raksha Bandhan. The fanfare, sweets and firecrackers are what make Diwali similar to Ganesh Chaturthi. All these aspects of Diwali in India are what make it the most awaited festival every year.

The Days Of Diwali

Diwali is celebrated over a period of five days every year.
The first day, popularly known as Dhanteras is a day which celebrates prosperity and wealth.

The word Dhan in Dhanteras itself means wealth.

The goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, is welcomed into people’s houses on this day. People also purchase gold on this day (everyone’s trying to join the Bappi Lahiri club by this time) This is also the finish line of the month long house cleaning process that beings before Diwali. If you aren’t done with cleaning by this day, you’ll have to listen to your mom grumble about it till the next Diwali. So everyone tries their very best to meet this deadline.

The Second Day of Diwali

The second day, is popularly known as Chotti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdasi . This is known as the day when Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali defeated the demon Narasukara. It can also be called the day everyone spends preparing themselves.

The Third Day of Diwali in India

The next three days are going to be spent meeting their respective families. Everyone deserves this preparation day. Girls especially spend this day planning what they are going to wear over the next three days.
The third day, is the most important day of the entire festival. It is the new moon day which is known as Amavasya. It is the day which is spent visiting everyone’s house and eating to our hearts content. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in the evening in the form of a Puja. If you’re afraid of loud noises, you shouldn’t even try venturing out of the house on this particular evening. The level of noise is so loud that unless what you’re watching on TV has subtitles, there’s no chance you will be able to understand a thing.

The Fourth Day of Diwali

The fourth day, Govardhan Puja is performed in households. This is a celebration of the defeat of Lord Indra by Lord Krishna. This can also be known as the left-over day. All the left-overs from the first day are used up on this day. The food is eaten, the remaining crackers are burst and whichever houses were left to visit are visited.

The Fifth Day of Diwali

The fifth day, is known as Bhai Dhuj. It is a celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters. This day is especially dedicated to the sisters. All the sisters look forward to this day as it’s a it’s the day when they get to collect gifts and money from their brothers. By the end of this day, all the sisters can be seen with wide smiles upon their faces while all the brothers can be seen with considerably lighter pockets. The antisocial family members are generally happy because their days of interaction with boisterous family members are over.

Where all is Diwali celebrated in India?
Diwali is that one festival which is celebrated throughout the country. Every different region does however have a certain specific way in which they celebrate Diwali. The Gujarati New Year is celebrated on the day after the main Diwali. Melas are seen in bulk in small towns and villages. In Maharashtra sweets such as Chakali, Laddu, Karanji, Chiwada are prepared (try to prevent yourself from drooling all over the screen, you’ll be reunited with these sweets soon) In Tamil Naidu, Diwali is celebrated by having a bath with til-oil containing pepper corns and betel leaves. After this bath, “Deepavali Lehiyam” is consumed which helps in soothing digestive problems, which will definitely arise because of the extensive meals that are eaten during the course of the day. In West Bengal, Northeast Bihar and Assam, Goddess Kali is worshipped instead of Goddess Lakshmi. People light candles in memory of their departed loved ones. In Andhra Pradesh, people visit the temple with their family to receive the blessings of the gods.

Why is Diwali celebrated so enthusiastically in India?

Diwali is mainly celebrated because of the triumph of good over evil. This very basic hope is what everyone holds onto while struggling through everyday life. This is one of the reasons why this festival is celebrated on such a massive scale. Soldiers on the Indo-Pak border share sweets with each other on this day that is how impactful Diwali is. Every household is being cleaned a month before Diwali even begins, new household appliances are bought and new clothes are bought while the old ones are thrown out. It gives everyone’s life a new, clean and fresh start. All the cities and households are beautifully decorated and the city is at its prettiest. There is an infectious joy and spirit of giving all around.

Many people are known to give their old clothes and possessions to the needy. It is that time of the year when everyone is aware of the life around them. The sound of the children laughing while bursting firecrackers, people happily discussing mundane events and the colour that can be seen everywhere makes us aware of the life around us. The major sales that are seen in all stores is what makes it a favourite amongst women. Despite the fact that the electricity bill and parents blood pressures (because they’re constantly worried about their child’s safety while dealing with firecrackers) jump to great heights, and there’s constantly a fire hazard; this is definitely one of the best times of the year.



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