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The 5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Style Quotient as an Indian


“Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

We live in an era where style has become an imperative aspect for the younger generation. From the bold lip shade to the most fancy footwear, all we do is to create a style statement that makes us outshine our contemporaries.

Most often, teenagers and all those aspiring style influencers face a difficulty in maintaining their fashion status because of lack of monetary resources. They say “To be in style you got to be rich and classy”. Well, it’s time to unveil the reality and reveal that in today’s world money has the least impact on style. Gone are the times where branded clothes and accessories were the only way to be stylish.

To all those enthusiastic wanna-be-trend setters, we present before you 5 amazing way to be in style in a much pocket-friendly way.


  1.  Switching to smart shopping instead of bulk shopping.


To be a trend setter or a fashion influencer you require lots of new and trending attires daily. Instead of buying clothes in bulk you can actually buy clothes that go along with many attire. For example, a black skirt that can go with any kinda fashionable top. Or say a spegatty top that can do wonders with any bottom wear. This hack makes your style different and keeps your look fresh and trending.

2. The all time favorite street markets.

Yes, dear fashionistas ,the street shops sell a humongous variety of super cool clothes and accessories at an affordable rate. You will find trending and stylish outfits that will suit to your style statement.

If you are a Delhihite, Sarojini Nagar, kamla Nagar, Janpath are some of the places which won’t disappoint you.

Go ahead and get your shopping bags filled up with Ravishing clothes and let people wonder and praise your fashion sense.

3. The online shopping destinations.


Why roam around the city to find apt clothes for yourself when your dream clothes are just a click a away?

There are innumerable sites which have most gorgeous outfits for you. All you need is your phone and internet (which is right there in your hand). Just search for your type of apparels and get multiple options in front of you.

Sites like Myntra, Amazon, Jabong render you with the most updated clothes at a really good cost.

4. Accessorize it well.


Rather than investing too much on new and variety of outfits, try buying artificial jewelries, stoles, caps ,hats etc to look a bit different fro the crowd.

5. Be confident with your style.

You don’t always need materials to look good, sometimes all you require is the confidence to outshine others. Confidence is an accessory which is available to you all the time. Learn the art to utilize whatever you have and look amazing in your skin.

Hope that these tips will help you to get less scolded from your parents for wasting your money on your clothes and accessories.

Just remember that you are stylish in your own way and can create wonders!

By Tulika Ganguly


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