THE ACOUSTIC MARVELS OF INDIA-You’ll love to know of love and defense!

THE ACOUSTIC MARVELS OF INDIA-You'll love to know of love and defense! 1

Have you ever given a thought to the importance of sound? No, not the stereos and the blaring music. We are talking about acoustics, the one field in Engineering that is most ignored. This same acoustics played an extremely important role in Ancient India. Read on and find out about the creative geniuses who used this very property of nature to their strength and architecture.

GOL GUMBAZ-Acoustic Whisper Of LOVE

So we will talk about love first! OK I know, I’m deviating but it is necessary for it was the same powerful love that triggered the then Sultan to build this beautiful monument, just to meet her, to listen to the heavenly chimes of her anklets while she practiced and to speak to her clearly, standing 110 mts away from each other on the other side of the dome. GOL GUMBAZ ,my friends, the monument that is known for its excellence and is crowned as the architectural wonder of the world.


Situated in Bijapur district, Karnataka state.Build under the dynasty rule of Sultan Muhammed Adil Shah , the seventh son of the Adil Shahi Dynasty.There are lesser known facts about this place that we are going to dig in!

But before that, Gol Gumbaz is an architectural victory of India where the design is impressive to the naked eyes as a simple tomb but in it , consists the brilliant brains that decoded the ancient knowledge of acoustics.It is built as a cube with an extending tomb above it, the above Gol or the roundness is where it is built for the whispering gallery.There is an impressive art of coinciding two rotated squares and then building it up without the support of the pillars.


Gol Gumbaz is well known as one of the world’s largest single chambers inside which lies the tombs of the king himself along with his family and his love Rhambha. It is raised to seven stories, you would need to heave and breath a little to marvel the wonder!

Lesser known facts

  • The whispering gallery at the top floor which can be reached after a strenuous climb of 100 odd steps bringing you to the serene place of the gol.Even if you are 110 meters apart, on the far end of the floor, each whisper, each clap and each shift of your garment will be heard at the other end, as if they were speaking to you over your shoulders.


  • The sound waves inside the Gol travels in such a way that ,before it is transferred to the lower chambers, are hit by the artistic structures and can be heard only at the top , so no matter how much you scream your lungs out, none in the below floor, which by the way is a single chamber will hear a decibel of your giggle.

It is said that the Sultan used to hold conferences with the ministers of other states and even their slightest whispers were heard by him . He secretly spied on them and also used it as a place for his love Rhambha, the dancer. Very much like the Taj Mahal, Gol Gumbaz is an epitome of love!

The Golconda fort:The Ancient Diamond Keeper

The fort is popular for the Ancient Defense System and was built by the Qutb Shahi Dynasty in Hyderabad.



This fort is spread over a sprawling 11 kms , with four distinct forts, high walls, the Rani Mahal, the stables, excellent water and air conditioning system built on a granite hill .To experience the whole of the magnificent fort and redeem the experience is a cumbersome task, just visiting without a guide would leave you circling the fort, with stone structures and architectural wisdom left unheard of. So if you haven’t heard let me give you an overview.



The famous Koh-hi-Noor diamond and the hope diamond and other diamonds excavated from Golconda was treasured in this fort as it had an incredible security system,(sans the modern sound alarms, the CCTVs and what not) purely developed by the amazing brains of the architects back then. And the wealth that it treasured brought in enemies! (like duh)

And guess what – There was absolutely no security breach.

Well did you know that a slight step, movement or a ruffle of your cloth could be heard miles away. The fort consists of four major citadels which are built with such mathematical accuracy that any acoustical disturbance such as a slight invasion hint could be heard to the highest points.

The ceilings had such exemplary engineered art that the sound in the hallway reached the King’s private rooms.Hence, if by any chance the enemy crossed all the security systems. his sounds were clearly heard in the king’s room , alerting the guards.

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So these were the lesser known facts about the acoustic marvels of India, if you happen to pass by another marvel or would like to share your thoughts on this, teh comments column is all yours.


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