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The Best Charcoal Grills For The Summer Of 2020

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The evolution of healthy eating is increasing at a blazing speed all over the world. People are getting into fitness and an active lifestyle to keep themselves young and going without suffering from severe health issues. 

To stay fit one needs to have a balance between their workouts and smart eating habits. If you are exercising vigorously and not eating well then all your efforts are going in vain.

Different types of grilling methods are being used to prepare healthy grilled dishes that are not only easy to cook but also delicious. 

The Best Charcoal Grills For The Summer Of 2020 1

The Top Tips to Make Better Meals

The most popular way to cook meat and vegetables has to be charcoal grilling, since it offers the best tasting results. Keeping a few tips while grilling will surely make the process a lot more pleasant. 


  • Clean your grill:


Always make sure to thoroughly clean your grill before starting. Brush and wipe out all the soot and charred residue from the grill so that it does not get into your food. Starting clean will enhance the flavor of the food. 


  • Maintain the fire:


Maintaining the temperature and heat of the coal will prepare the food in its best state. The blazing flame will not only burn your meat but it also secretes dangerous chemicals like heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when the fat from the meat drips onto the grill. 

These two chemicals are very toxic and can generate cancer cells. It is highly recommended to line your grill with perforated foil paper to avoid the fat burning process on the grill. Stay safe and eat well.


  • Marination: 


Longer the marination time you give to the meat tender and flavourful the meat will be once ready. Preparing healthy marinades is very easy but if you are using store-bought marinades make sure you buy the ones that are low in sodium.   


  • Equal Portions of veggies/fruits and meat:


If you haven’t tried grilled veggies and fruits then you are surely missing out on an intensified flavor. Incorporating grilled veggies and fruits with your meat portion is extremely vital for healthy eating. 

In fact, trying a meatless day would be great too. Having a skewer of tomatoes, bell peppers and onions with your chicken steak or kebab will satisfy your tastebuds heavenly. So for next time you have equal servings of veggies and fruits with your meat, you will not regret. 


  • Safe grilling Practise:


Perfect grilling results will come through a lot of practice and consistent effort. A thermometer to check the temperature of the meat, seafood and poultry can be of great help. never overcook the meat because it makes it hard to chew and dried out the moisture. Always keep your veggies separate from raw meat and use clean plates to dish out your grilled food.  

There are various kinds of grills available in the market to make your grilling experience entertaining, hassle-free and fun. People are mostly in search of easy to handle and easy to clean options so that they are always ready to serve for a sudden mood of grilling. A fitter you with happy grilling. 

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