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The Best Games for Laptop 2GB RAM Available This Year

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You may want to reschedule it for later! We are going to reveal the best games for laptop 2gb ram you can play for free using your laptop. You don’t need a high-end graphics card to play these. You don’t need a gaming controller for these. All you need is a laptop and a working internet connection, and you’re ready to get started! Sure, you can play Android games too, but browser games are a whole lot more fun. 

best games for laptop 2gb ram

Browser games are fun and light and have several perks like –

– You don’t need to download anything

– Just an internet connection will do.

– You only need your browser

– No need for higher laptop hardware configurations

Now, let’s check out the best games for laptop 2gb ram trending hot this year! Some of them are multiplayer games which let you fight it out with other opponents.

The Best Games for Laptop 2GB RAM

So, what are the best games that you could install on your laptop before 2018 comes to an end? Here is a look.

  1. Moto X3M

A classic motor racing and obstacle game, it has you biking in different locations. The first stage has you racing in the beach, climbing hills and avoiding obstacles. It’s not just about driving here. You also need to ensure that your bike stays upright at all times, and you could tinker its movements with the right and left arrow keys. The going gets tougher with each level.

Play it here –

  1. Run 3

It’s one of those endless running games out there. You’re in space, and you have a road in front of you filled with gaps. Ensure you avoid them, or you fall into endless space!

This one’s exciting and keeps you on your toes all the time. Plus, we are sure you have either played one of its previous versions or something similar already, so it won’t take you time to get into the groove.

Play it here –


Nokia fans will remember the game Snake that took up hours of the day! is a similar game where you play as a snake and gobble up small dots to grow bigger.

You also have enemies in the form of other snakes, but you can’t kill them. You have to time it right so that the other snakes vanish into your body. As a result, you will find many new glowing dots to eat up!

You can change the skin of your snake and make other customizations like putting on a cool necklace while you slither around.


  1. Lost in the City

This one’s a feel-good game. You’re Mark, and you lost your beloved puppy. The city streets aren’t the right place for your furry little friend to be! Come, find him fast!

The game is one of those hidden objects game, and you have to rummage around things to find your pet. You will get instructions on how to go about things to make it simpler for you.

Play Lost in the City:

  1. Krunker

This one is a retro shooter game you can kill time with. It’s pretty much like Counter-Strike, but the graphics are pretty basic.

There is one tactic to excel in this game- you have to look out for your enemies and know the map well. There are plenty of rooms for you to explore so that you will love every bit of it.

You have live players playing with you, so you need to be careful!

Play Krunker –

  1. Crossy Road

One of the more popular best games for laptop 2gb ram out there, this has you, a chicken, working yourself through gardens, roads and more, while collecting tokens. The more tokens you collect, the higher your score.

Crossing the roads isn’t the only worry for you though. If you aren’t careful, you could just have the eagle picking swooping in and picking you up for its next meal!

Play it here –

  1. Poki Christmas Dress Up

Christmas is just a month or so away, and you might want to get into the festive mood. The Poki Christmas Dress Up game allows you to dress up your character as you like. Change the hairstyle or the dress. Add in accessories as you like, from necklaces to shoes. You decide what she wears, and what she doesn’t!

This one’s great past time for you as you sit in the subway.

  1. Brutes

It’s that one multiplayer game that lets you fight out like nothing else. You get to choose your own beast, and then enter a world full of violence and set in scenic settings. In an environment where you’ve everything from creepy cliffs to dead trees, it does get pretty engrossing.

All you have though is your fists to fight it out, and a lot depends on your strategy. The longer you can wait to charge your punch, the more damage can it do. There is a target stun meter, and if you can make it full, it’s easy to knock down your opponent.

There are plenty of beasts to fight around, and for you to survive, you need energy. That’s why you need to keep looking for the growth orbs, which can help you heal. As you level up, you become stronger, making it easier for you to defeat enemies.

Try Out One Of These Best Games For Laptop 2gb RAM Today!

You don’t need a gaming laptop to play any of these. You don’t need to invest in those pricey graphics cards that get outdated sooner than you know it. No, you can instead try out these browser games that remain evergreen, always.

All you need to start playing is your laptop, an internet connection, your favorite browser and Adobe Flash! Are you ready to start gaming yet.

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  1. I have a 4GB RAM on my laptop and krunker didn’t run smoothly. If a 4GB can’t handle it, how can a 2GB RAM handle the game?


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