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The Best of Hanauma Bay

Hanuama Bay

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The most exotic holiday location, formed by volcanic activities, is none other than the Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. With the best of Hawaii, the Hanauma Bay is the perfect Marine Embayment.

The best tourist destination that leaves all others behind in the race. With a tropical climate that envelopes the Hanauma Bay is the most preferred.

There was a time when this place was in total isolation, but now things have changed. Hanauma Bay is not well connected with every mode of transportation and communication.

The area was cleared for development projects. The curve shape of the Bay is impressive, making it distinct and surprising.

Paying reverence to its rich sports culture, the name Stems from the same. The place is also said to be the stomping ground for some of the most outlandish species of turtles. Volcanoes that made most of their land areas receive due attention.

With nearly millions of things to observe and several things to discover. The Hanauma Bay is reaching out to you and is expecting you there. The place is ever ready to receive innumerable visitors a day.

With us unravel some of the most fascinating and glamorous portions of the Hanauma Bay and make your tour unforgettable.

Hanauma Bay Guide For You

Best places to visit in Hanauma Bay

1.Hanauma Bay State Park          

Flanked by medium-sized hills, the Hanauma Bay State Park is impressive. The picturesque place can turn anyone into a professional photographer. Catch the early sunrise at the Hanauma Bay State Park.

If you reach the place before 7 in the morning, you are also relieved of any parking fee charges at the parking lot. Plus, the rewarding sunset awaits you at the shore without any entrance fee.

In the perfect descriptive sense, the bay area should be visited to enjoy some “owns sweet time.” The unspoiled beauty is at its best during the early hours, so seeing the place at that time is preferred.

You can also rent snorkeling from the snorkel gear shops nearby. You can also carry snorkeling equipment with you as well.

2.Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

The heightened green background with mountains and the watery shore a with a narrow sandy stretch. Contribute broadly to the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

The well-coordinated and peaceful marine ecosystem equalizes with the excitement of the people arriving. The coolness of the water is well reflected in its color that changes to violet after a distance. Coral reefs are well admired when it comes to marine life.

The environment of the place is sp placid and vibrant that the tropical fish don’t even hesitate to come up on the surface. The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve rightly deserves to be crowned as the best place to visit Hanauma Bay.

3.Koko Crater Railway Trail

Coming to this intricately beautiful Hanauma bay site and not discovering it by itself can make you regret it.

With the Koko Crater, Railway Trail enjoys the best of trekking and hiking experiences ever. With subtle ways and moderate climate, the Koko Crater Railway Trail doesn’t just sound perfect but is perfect.

You can easily climb up the way by following the obsolete railway line that was laid in the past. This feature would help you to navigate the place easily. You can also opt for a trekking expedition by booking a package for the same from any travel website.

4.Spitting Cave of Portlock

With shades of blue that would leave you bewildered and perplexed in just one look. The Spitting Cave of Portlock would be the next best one of the best places to visit in Hanauma Bay.

The scenic site of the Spitting cave provides some enclosed spaces that can become your own private spot. The cutting edges of land give the perfect texture to this already beautiful destination.  Anyone can easily spend a couple of hours at this place and would definitely crave for more.

05.Marine Education Center

The Marine Education Center was opened to expand the knowledge.  The University of Hawaii is responsible for the working of the place.

Relevant and pragmatic information and facts are told about the Hanauma bay beaches. Short videos about snorkeling are also presented to inform the people about it in detail.

Such things are also done to make people aware of the ecosystem down at the depths. This could make their experience attractive and would definitely make them more observant.

5.Oahu Spot Tours

Hire a private tour of the island of Oahu and get first-hand experience. With great historical sites and exquisite shops selling delicate items, there is much more to discover on the island. You can also try out the best food items that are native to the place.

Explore the local places and unfold the best spots that are hidden by many. The Halona Blow Hole can be one of the locations to visit and admire natural rock formation. Located at the shore, the place has high ways with strong current flow.

Best places to stay at Hanauma Bay

1.The Kahala Hotel and Resort

With the modern appeal, the Kahala Hotel and Resort located at Kahala Avenue would serve the best stay. Appropriately maintaining the aura that is similar to that of the beach. The hotel resort encloses a pool that is fully in the open. Lined by Palm trees, the place always does the work of soothing the eyes.

The Kahala Hotel and Resort is in close proximity to the beach. Hence the beach never goes out of sight.

2.Hilton Hawaii Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Located at Kalia Road, this is a four-star hotel present at your service. The place is again located close to the beach. The spacious rooms, most of which have attached balconies, serve as the perfect relaxation.

All the rooms are equipped with personalized coffee machines and small kitchen cabinets. Apart from the chilled-out environment, the inside is highly royal, with chandeliers and impressive lightings making up for the perfect blend.

The dining room also opens up to the beach, providing a view of the water through the windows.

3.Moana Surfrider

With a good housekeeping department that would take care of all your needs. The Moana Surfrider can be your choice as the place to stay in at the Hanauma Bay.

The place has an open dining area close to the pool. The coolness of the beach and breezes can be felt easily while eating a meal.  Those who want to experience fine dining can also opt for eating in the inner dining hall. Rooms are nicely decorated with windows that make it all airy.

Best places to eat in Hanauma Bay

1.Harbor Village Cuisine

When it comes o food, then the Harbor Village Cuisine is a delicious place to visit. You can also avail of a discount of 10% if you reach the place before 3 pm. These are also the happy hours of the place.

Holidays often come with surprises when the Harbor Village Cuisine presents are the best of its dishes. These dishes are also available at a discounted price. You can also buy gift cards for the place. Such things are really in these days as some gifting items.

2.Greek Marina

The place is one of the best Chinese restaurants to eat in at Hanauma Bay. Greek Marina is deeply inspired by the culture of Hong Kong and lays stress on its cuisines.

The place is also one of the best-rated locations in Hanauma Bay. The detailing that is involved in the food served is much talked about.  With basic surroundings, the restaurant is able to deliver some of the most extraordinary dishes.

3.Paina Cafe Koko Marina Center

This one of the Hawaiian restaurants is present at the two best places for wide access.

The Paina Cafe Koko Marina Center specializes in salad dressings, topping, and poke bowls. If you want to taste something different, you can always flock to this place.

No other place in the entire Hanauma Bay can serve you the best of Poke Bowls. The site is located at the Korean town plaza and the Kalanianaole Hwy Ste.

You can also follow the place on some of the social networking sites and keep regular updates.

With disclosing all the best of Hanauma Bay, we come to an end of our list. Now you can easily explore the island of Hanauma Bay on a self-guided tour. Some of the most popular websites would offer you some reasonable travel packages. You can easily compare the prices and go for the best one.

You can opt for them and can make your tour much more smooth. The place is one of the very few places in the world that can be visited irrespective of the season.

Supported by the land and the sea breezes, the ecosystem of the place makes it even more optimal for a visit. All these features add more and more to the success of this marine paradise. Vacations are the most exciting time to visit as the place remains crowded.

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