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The Best Teaching Techniques You Will Love

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Teaching is a process that involves plenty of knowledge in order to be able to effectively reach each of the students in the classroom. Different students have different IQ levels, and therefore, the teaching technique used plays an important role in helping the students comprehend the concepts being taught in class.

Are you wondering what is teaching techniques? What technique to choose in digital writing strategy or by hand. These are the various methods used by educators in the classroom to pass across knowledge to their students. There are plenty of teaching techniques such as perfect essay writing, course work writing, scholarship essay preparing from which teachers can choose from to teach both children and adults.

teaching techniques

Overturn your classroom

This is one of the different types of teaching methods whereby, the teacher encourages all the students to prepare for the lessons at home long before the commencing of the class. This method makes it easy for the student to explore areas that they have a curiosity in. As a result, all that is done during the class is answering the questions that the students found to be challenging while carrying out their research.

The method creates a dynamic environment whereby the students have to explore on what they have already learned. The GoConqr is a conducive free online tool that makes it easy for students and teachers to use the flipped classroom method. The platform allows for the students to share resources with the rest of the class hence allowing the other student to read the resources too.

Design thinking

The technique is based on coming up with a solution to real-life situations. Therefore, it uses brainstorming, group analysis, creative ideas, and innovation to come up with such solutions. However, the method can be messy when it comes to solving cases that do not have a solution. It is effective in preparing the students to handle cases in a real world hence arousing their curiosity, creativity and analytical skills. It is one of the fun teaching methods for adults which is commonly used in masters and MBA classes to analyze some of the past cases that have been experienced y business entities.


In addition, this is one of the fun teaching methods whereby curiosity is the main driving force. The method allows the student to explore the different areas of study which interests them instead of forcing them to cram huge reams of work that they might end up forgetting. In most cases, this method involves the use of mind maps whereby the teachers create a central idea and let the students choose which of the branches of the mind map they will focus on. Through curiosity, the students are able to explore ideas that interest them and in turn, end up understanding the concepts as compared to a situation whereby they were forced on which ideas to understand.

Gaming and studying

This method has already been explored in preschool and elementary learning and turned out to be a fun and successful method for teaching children. The use of games enables the student to learn without noticing that they are doing it. The technique keeps students motivated and is conducive for any given age.

In addition, the teachers ought to develop projects that are suitable for their students by considering their age and knowledge. The projects should be attractive enough to keep the student motivated. For instance, students can be asked to create quizzes based on a particular topic and in turn, challenge their peers to work on them in order to obtain the best scorers. In such a case, the student not only enjoys having fun with their peers but they also learn in the process.

Social media technique

This is one of the teaching methods and strategies that keeps the students motivated to learn. Given the current advancements, students are always connected to their social media platforms and, therefore, it would require less effort to get them to connect to such platforms in the classroom. For instance, the Brazilian Academy of Languages “Red Ballon” encourages the student to review the tweets from some of their favorite artists and correct the grammar mistakes. As a result, the students end up having good grammar and spelling skills. This is a skill which is essential in writing good quality essays when answering questions in different courses. The fun in the use of social media for learning encourages students to stay motivated in the classroom environment.

Free online tools for learning

There are plenty of learning tools which the teachers can utilize to create a dynamic and fun learning environment for their students. A good example is the GoConqr’s free online learning tools whereby you can sign up and create flashcards, mind maps, flowcharts, and courses. The teacher can request all the students to sign up for an account in this platform and, in turn, create a group and invite the students. As a result, it will be easy to share study materials and other study materials directly.

Concisely, technology has created plenty of techniques which make it easy for the teachers to interact with their students. All that the teacher needs to do is to identify the right teaching method which works best for their students. Some of the teaching methods are best fit for children while others are best when used on adults. These are just some of the available techniques, and you can make more research to find out about other techniques.

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