The Blurry Issue

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This post goes for every person out there who wears glasses because they need one and not for the sake of making a fashion statement. These are some of the issues faced by us specs-shy people.

So, raise your glasses if you can relate to any point stated below.

#1 Partial Blindness

Blurry vision
By Who is Danny/ Shutterstock

All thanks to the ciliary muscles for losing the property of accommodation for viewing. And thanks to people who think we are completely blind. When we take off our glasses, we don’t see wavering objects, nor do we go completely blind. We are just partially blind.

Things get a bit blurry, and we can’t define the boundaries, but we sure can tell when you’re sticking up two fingers or no fingers at us. I sincerely pray to lords of all good and bad that the population gets this straightened out!

#2 Smudges *they don’t really go*

Glasses, you had one job. To make things seem clearer to me. And then you go ahead and get fingerprints all over your surface. *sigh*

Smudges have got to be the single most and top most problems that deserve a solution. No matter how much you wipe them with that velvet cloth offered to you, they don’t go. And no matter how conscious one gets about not touching the lens region, they still appear out of nowhere.

#3 Fogged up

Woman wearing foggy glasses
By New Africa/ Shutterstock

This phenomenon is a distant cousin to smudges. This is one thing all optical-related companies should pay attention to. Nobody wants their glasses fogged up while having a cup of hot coffee.

#4 The Sliding Factor

The Blurry Issue 1
By TunedIn by Westend61/ Shutterstock

The frames that we buy from the shop aren’t tailor-made for our face, you see. Well, you know what, they still don’t sit. As humans, we are pretty expressive. I, myself, am a very expressive person.

I cry a river when anything goes wrong. I squeal and exclaim out of joy, and as my spectacles, you are to go through thick and thin with me. You are supposed to stay where you were. And not droop down the nose and kill my vibe when I am celebrating.

#5 Losing The Glasses


Oh, this is the horrifying one off the lot. Especially if one is an extremely irresponsible person, these are these times one wishes that Google could help them figure out the whereabouts of their lost spectacles.

This is horrifying because we are already entitled to blurry and distorted vision. It’s only when we lose our glasses that we feel and relate to Velma’s pain *Scooby doo reference*

As a girl who wears glasses, these are the few things I go through. I know everyone with glasses can relate to this. Have a good day, fellow humans! 🙂


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