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Single Parent Family: The Top 5 Challenges Faced By Them

single parent family

Are you among the single parent family taking care of your child alone? Being a parent is itself quite a difficult job, but being a single parent could be even more tedious and stressful? A single parent can be compared to a weighing scale constantly trying to maintain a balance between a variety of tasks. The problems faced by single parents and their children are numerous. Some of these are:

The Challenges Faced by Single Parent Family

1. Financial problems

Single parent family often face a lot of financial issues. They find it difficult to make ends meet since the single parent has to pay for all the expenses of running the house, raising the child, and fulfilling the educational expenses. Children are forced to change their lifestyles in order to line with single parent’s means. Children often complain that they do not get all the extras that their friends who have two parents get. They might also feel ashamed or abandoned. Single parents might get desperate financially and begin thinking things like “could I pawn my car” to make ends meet, which is a short term and stressful situation to be in.

2. Juggling between work and family 

Single parent family has a hard time trying to juggle between their professional and personal life. They have to fulfill the responsibilities of both parents. They must do house chores, help children with assignments and spend quality time with them also single parents might have to work long hours in order to make enough income which further reduces the time available to interact with their children. Due to this parents also overreact on petty things making kids feel miserable.

3. Psychological problems for children

Children belonging to single parent family often face a lot of physiological issues. They often do not socialize with other people and exhibit a bitter attitude. They may also feel ashamed and have low self-esteem as compared to other children in the same age group. Also, children find it difficult to adjust to the new circumstances in the family. Many children feel lonely. Health issues are also quite common among such children which may be due to the lack of finances or proper care.

4. Education

The findings of many studies indicate that the drop out ratio of single-parent children is quite high. These children have a high rate of absenteeism in school which affects their studies quite seriously. Such children then engage in the wrong kind of things. Children, especially teenagers indulge in taking drugs and alcohol. This makes their further life miserable.

5. Sense of loss and feeling of loneliness

The feeling of a sense of loss and feeling of loneliness is experienced both by the single parent and the children, whatever be the reason for single parent family status, divorce, death, or abandonment. A single parent might feel that she/he is carrying the weight of all responsibilities on her/his shoulders but the children are equally burdened owing to the new and a drastically changed life.

The Way Out

Although the stress of single parents cannot be avoided, one should learn to cope up with these stresses in order to lead a peaceful and harmonious life. Single parents should form a close bond with their children and spend quality time with them. They should enquire about how did they spend their day and if are facing any issues or stress.

Single parent should never try to find their missing partner in the child. They should always encourage their children to complete their education and at the same time take part in sports and co-curricular activities, on the other hand, children should also try to understand the difficulties and pains of their parents and cooperate with them. These are some of the main challenges faced by single parent families and the child.

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