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The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Changing – What Does That Mean ?


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According to history the north and south magnetic poles change or flip every 200,000 to 300,000 years but the poles haven’t changed in about 780,000 years and hence the flipping of the magnetic poles are long overdue.

source: <http://nbc4i.com>

If the earth’s magnetic poles change in this era it would cause chaos all over the planet and half of the planet will become inhabitable. According to scientists this change is extremely likely to happen and over the next 200 years the magnetic poles will weaken by 15%. Changing of the poles will be a nightmare for the human kind. Changing of poles will cause a ripple effect and the entire world will shut down. Lights will shut off and cell phones and  computers will shut down as well. Satellites will also fail to work, despite that there will also be major climatic changes on earth. It will also cause economic chaos in the world, it is believed that  the flip would shut down  stock markets and would stop economies from working properly.

Scientists suggest that there will also be mass extinction as some of them believe that  there will be life threatening showers of rain which will contain harmful particles that will kill of 1000 of species of animals. Some scientists also believe that this theory is controversial.

Some theories suggest that the change in magnetic fields will affect animals the most, the flip means that the north pole and the south pole will also change on our scientific compasses, birds and animals migrate with the help of magnetic fields of the earth and hence they will face difficulty migrating and surviving on earth if the poles change .Experts believe that the magnetic poles will change within the next 2000 years.

The magnetic field of earth is also an invisible force that protects the earth’s  inhabitants  from radiation and several other harmful particles , if the poles change then the earth’s life will be exposed to solar radiation which will cause a wildfire of incurable diseases. In conclusion the change of earth’s magnetic poles will be harmful for the planet in every aspect.




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