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The First Pictures of Everything- Experiencing World the Way You Didn’t Know

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source: http://www.historygraphicdesign.com

The first impression is the last impression

Although with the smart phones and in-built cameras and the selfie culture growing through today’s people, no-one clicks just one picture. There are 99 failed selfie attempts before that one 1 good enough click. However, the scenario wasn’t the same in the early days when cameras were a higher luxury only and the common men admired even that single picture that could capture the moments.

Do you ever have the thoughts that if you could meet someone for the very first time all over again? That’s because that first scene of forming an acquaintance is irreplaceable in every sense, but what if we captured them in frames?

Here’s a list of first clicks from around the world, see the world like never before:

The Earth:

The first ever full-view photo of the earth called, “the Blue Marble” shot was clicked on December 7, 1972. It was taken by the Apollo 17 crew journeying for the moon.

The First Giant Live Squid:

The first image of a live giant squid was captured by Japanese scientists. This picture of the first ever live giant squid contradicted all the fables on sea monsters and supported the research work adding to the never-knowns of the biology world.

The First Underwater Photograph:

source: http://www.hatiandskoll.com

It is the first underwater photograph with the photographer himself being underwater, clicked by William Thompson in 1893 with a magnesium powder flash.

The First Electron Microscope Color Image:

source: http://www.sciencemag.org

The electron microscope taking the first ever colored picture was the result of lanthanides layered one over the other on the microscope slide. It helped making research work easier to a lot extent.

The First Self Portrait:

source: https://petapixel.com

Captured by Robert Cornelius this was the very first self portrait, grandpa of the modern age selfies. He captured it in 1839 on Chestnut Street in Center City, Philadelphia.

The First Lightning Photograph:

source: https://petapixel.com

William Jennings captured the very first image of lighting in 1882.

The First Colored Photo:

source: https://mymodernmet.com

James Clerk Maxwell captured the world’s first colored photograph in 1861. It was the picture of a tartan ribbon.

The First Instagram Image:

source: https://mymodernmet.com

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom took the first instagram picture ever on July 16, 2010 on a taco-stand in Mexico.

The First Photo Ever:

The first picture ever was captured in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce via a process known as heliography.

These were just the few drops from the entire ocean and there are many more First-Photograph-of, because everything that has been captured till date has had their first capture moment at some point of time. These First photographs help a man see the world like never before, giving an insight of how much the world has changed and keeps progressing every day.

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